Orientation time to L &D

  1. Just collecting info. How much time did you have to orient to L & D? Does it vary if you are a new RN or experienced but new to L & D? Did you have classroom time and floor orientation? Thanks for any input!!
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  3. by   SoldierNurse22
    My orientation was supposed to be 16 weeks, but I am not a new grad and came with quite a bit of experience, albeit in other fields. I was off orientation in 12 weeks, and I probably could've been off earlier. A friend of mine came in with L&D experience from another hospital and was on orientation for 4 weeks just to get the policies and charting down in our facility.

    I would imagine that most new grads will need the full 16 weeks to learn not only the basics of nursing practice, but the specifics of nursing in L&D.

    We had classes such as EFM, NRP, and some AWHONN basics. We were given time to complete our hospital-required computer learning and the charting system. The majority of my orientation, however, was spent on the floor with preceptors, learning the actual ins and outs of L&D nursing.
  4. by   klone
    As a new grad, 3 months. It was typical to have about 4-6 months, but I had worked there my entire last year of school as an extern and I had a rockstar preceptor.

    As an experienced L&D nurse, 4 or 5 shifts, I think.
  5. by   ashleyisawesome
    I was hired to work L&D, PP, nursery, and triage--rotating depending on needs. I started in June and I am nearing the end now, 6 months later. I have been on my own in PP for months (orientation about 4 weeks), and can do labor/OR on my own as of a couple weeks ago. I haven't really had much time in the nursery or triage enough to be comfortable on my own yet. It has taken longer because I constantly get pulled to PP when I am supposed to be orienting to labor/triage/nursery. I am not sure about how many actual weeks I oriented to labor because it was all split up, but 12-16 weeks sounds about right.
  6. by   Mrsmc04
    In my opinion 12-16 weeks for a novice. And then up to one year of mentoring. I've seen a lot of money spend training a newb just to have them quit before their first year because it's not what they thought it would be. I always tell them they will not feel comfortable for at least a year.