On-line dilation charts?

  1. Started orientation this week..... so far it's been great and I've seen A LOT! We had an 18 week "induction" for lethal fetal anomalies, a partial abruption and delivered an HIV mom....plus about a hundred NST's, labor checks and other deliveries.

    It's been kinda neat because I am working 12hr shifts and my preceptor only works 8... so I have 4 hours with other nurses so I am getting to see different styles etc...

    Anyone know where to find an online dilation chart.... one that can be printed. I going to start doing vag exams this week and want to be prepared. I have been practice using a tape measure but that's hard because it's not round.

    Also... any info on surgical intruments would also be helpful. We scrub, assist and circulate our own sections and I am totally lost where intruments and such are concerned. I have been looking various intruments up on surgical intrument sites and I think I have found most of the one's we use. I haven't found Duvall clamps yet..... and what is the difference between Richardson retractors and a bladder blade?

    Thanks a bunch!
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    My strongest recommendation is you get with your scrub tech NOW to learn instruments. NO ONE KNOWS better than HE/SHE and they can show you the "ropes" per se. Also, can show you how instruments are cleaned and autoclaved....I

    I know of NO online cervical dilatation charts. Just grab one at work and practice, practice, practice. They should be around. Don't sweat it. You will get it down before you know it with adequate practice, which it sounds as if you are getting! Good luck.
  4. by   bagladyrn
    One of my co-workers at the last assignment I did made a really nice aid for the new grad she was precepting. Take a piece of styrofoam board and measure and cut out holes of the various diameters. You can then practice getting the "feel" for dilation with your fingers, as looking at it online just won't translate. It seemed to work well for her.
  5. by   skdauriaRNC
    bladder blade..usually bigger and heavier and has a bigger head..if you will..Richardson is more narrow and squared off at the end. the rich will usually only be used for retracting the skin/fat while he is sowing towards the middle/end of the procedure. work with a good scrub tech or nurse and learn not only the instruments but when he/she will need what. it will be invaluable knowledge and you will look really smart! hehe
  6. by   MomNRN
    The styrofoam sounds like a great idea. I will never forget my first vag exams. I wasn't sure what I was feeling around for. My preceptor said it was like sticking your hand in a bowl of mashed potatoes. Gross - but true!

    I also remember the first time I found what I was looking for. My preceptor said you could see it on my face, like the light bulb had finally gone off.

    Unfortunately, the best way to learn is practice. I also gathered many tips from seasoned nurses.