OK...Nurses I would like some advice!!!

  1. I was just sitting here reading through your threads...I love this forum, I love L&D, I am graduating from nursing school in May and I have always thought about working in OB..I figured that I would need to put in my time in Med/Surg, not to excited about that but...you know you do what you have to do....anyways...I am sitting here reading and my phone rings and it is a Nurse Manager for L&D asking me if I would like an interview!!!! OMG!!!! I about dropped the phone!!!! So I have an interview set up...my first nursing interview...I am nervous..to say the least!!! I have no idea what to expect...what kinds of questions they might ask...jeeeze...I am flustered!! I know that I love L&D...becuase of the challenge, the acuity of the patient, the education(patient) opportunities....I am rambling cause I am nervous and excited...so if you have any words of wisdom, they would be very much apprecitated!!!!
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  3. by   TexasPediRN
    First of all, BREATHE!!!

    Secondly, congrats on the interview!!! I'm very happy for you to get an interview for the nursing floor that you want.

    When you have an interview, make sure you dress well, dont wear scrubs.

    As for the questions you should ask during an interview, here are a few:

    1. make sure to ask how long orientation is
    2. will you have the same preceptor or a different one daily
    3. what is the shift you will be orienting on
    4 after orientation what shift will they place you on
    5. If you feel you need another week of orientation will they give it to you
    6. What is the nurse to patient ratio

    They will probably ask you about yourself, why you want to do L&D, they may ask your strengths and weaknesses (be prepared to answer that one), and they may ask about your clinical and what you think nursing is about.

    Good luck with the interview!!
  4. by   NeosynephRN
    Thanks alot for your tips...I have bought a nice new suit to wear, and I am starting to get mentally prepared...I am breathing a little more I have started to think of my answers to commonly asked questions...I hate that weakness question, but I hope that by being prepared I will just go through it smoothly!! I am also making a list of questions that I want to ask them!! Thanks again for your advice...the interview is Wed. morning so I will come and update...good or bad!!!!
  5. by   Happy-ER-RN
    You don't need a year of med-surg, the only people who say are that people who are bitter because they had to do it back in the day when you couldn't go wherever you want. I am not saying med-surg experience wouldn't be helpful, but go do what you love! That's great that you are so excited about it! Just prepare yourself for a rough beginning with a huge learning curve and you will come out the other end as a great nurse!
  6. by   MamaMadge
    You are one lucky new grad! I went back to school to be a Labor and Delivery nurse but was not lucky like you...I did four months in Mother Baby couplet (loved that too!) and finally got an interview for L & D! I was sure to tell the Manager how passionate I was about L & D and how eager I was to do whatever it took to work there! I received a 6 month orientation (which is not typical but VERY necessary!) and have been doing it for a little over a year now. I love it! It is very challenging, can be very stressful but is also very rewarding! Be sure to stay positive in your interview...try to stay away from negative statements. As far as weaknesses, think of something that can be easily overcome and be sure to express your willingness to work on your weaknesses! Good luck and we'll see you here when you start!
  7. by   RunnerRN
    When I interviewed a few years ago, I felt very prepared for all the "usual" questions - name a situation in which you went above and beyond the average call of customer service, etc etc etc. They did ask for a situation in clinical where I changed the patient's course/used critical thinking to avert a problem....that stopped me cold! I couldn't think of anything like that with people staring at me! Best interview advice (besides dressing nicely, having fresh breath, general etiquette rules) is to sit down in a quiet spot the day or so before, and think back on your clinicals. Think about the hardest patient assignment and why, and think about the pt that touched you the most. Also think back on why you chose to go into nursing (I've found that to be a common question as well). Finally, I got to my big interview about 20 minutes early, sat in my car for awhile listening to my song ("Highway to the Danger Zone" from Top Gun...don't ask) then went inside, used the bathroom, freshened my makeup, and took several deep breaths. It really helped me to calm down because I tend to get a little freaked out on things like that!
    Good luck!