OH MY GOD...No backup...BUT, they were GREAT!

  1. undefinedHi all...Let me just say that my nightshift was such that as soon as I got home I raided what was left of all THREE kids Halloween candy, and this, the fourth of July! Night started out with an ambulance arrival of a bleeding 36 week previa...Veins were so bad that the paramedics were able to get only a 20 gauge in....IVF baby....Multip over 40.....Gest dm....Pih....You get the pic..Working with me are two brand spanking new labor nurses and a traveler who already had a labor ( her pt having subtle lates)....So, the floor was already full....Our fireworks for the holiday started early....In we go for a section...They tell me to have the hyst instruments ready to go because they think to get to the kid they might have to cut through the placenta...AND no pedi there yet so guess who has to gown up to catch? Well, despite some initial resp difficulties and some tachycardia, the kid comes around and mom doesn't need a hyst. Off I go...Poor new nurse number one is actually doing pretty good. Our nsg asst kicked butt...Thank God for her too..Other new nurse has the floor...THEN, two labor patients walk in at once..Both in labor..Mine is there with her nutty mother, mentally challenged sister and a boyfriend who is the father of the baby but who is NOT her husband. HE is at home with the other kids....IUGR mom who flunked her bpp and us refuses to come in so with this pt, a court order goes out in order to bring her in...Another family not happy...Not to mention the middle eastern lady who is so depressed she won't take care of her baby and whose husband will not allow anyone but him to interpret....It just went on and on and on..Those nurses did GREAT! I am so proud of them and so proud of us for working together as a team......I think I am just glad that we got out of there relatively unscathed.....Just patting my new help on the back and thanking God for getting us through it..
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  3. by   mother/babyRN
    Oh, and I prayed so God allowed me to get an 18 gauge into the previa lady first try!
  4. by   BRANDY LPN
    Good job! I am shuddering just reading about it! But it sounds like you all did great!
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kudoes to you!