Ob/pedi Classes!!! Info Please!!!

  1. i know you probably shouldn't listen to rumors but i heard that ob/pedi is really hard b/c it's so much information combined into one semester...well im about to start and i would greatly appreciate any suggestions of what i should focus on or just basically anything i need to prepare myself for....past experiences anything! :uhoh21: thanks a bunch!!!
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  3. by   feminist-mama
    My ob/peds class was a breeze and so much fun! This is exactly why I went to nursing school! I loved it and am rather sorry it's over- I'm starting psych and geri next week.

    No tips or hints, just study hard and pay attention, make sure you're *trying* to connect your reading and lectures with what happens in clinicals.

    Good luck!
  4. by   KellNY
    I agree about OB/Peds combo being a smooth sailing one. For me it was Med Surg combined with Psych that killed. (not that psych was too bad, but med surg...eh).
  5. by   texaschic888
    Thanks for the replies...i guess im just nervous about starting the new semester b/c this is what i want to do...i just hope i really enjoy it!!!