OB nursing Vs Labor and Delibery nursing

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    I am in need to clarify if there is a difference between a Obstetrics Nurse and Labor and Delivery Nurse? I am interested in Maternity Care pre and post birth but I am not sure if I wanna be delivering the baby. Does an OB nurse deliver the baby?
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  3. by   klone
    OB nurse is a generic term that encompasses all aspects of pregnancy - labor and delivery and postpartum/mom-baby (and can also refer to a nurse who works in a prenatal clinic). Labor and delivery nurse is just that.

    As a labor and delivery nurse, you would not be delivering the baby. That is done by the OB/midwife.
  4. by   babeinboots
    I would say it depends on how the hospital you work for defines it. At one hospital I worked at they hired all their nurses as OB nurses (new grads) and train them in postpartum/nursery the first year and L&D/antepartum the 2nd year, after that they are able to work in both sun-specialties but are able to put in a preference.

    I had assumed that was how most hospitals worked, big mistake. When I apply to another hospital, they asked me which department I wished to interview for, I said OB. At this particular hospital, OB was Antepartum, postpartum, and nursery. L&D was considered a completely different department. Let's just say I was surprised and disappointed.

    I am now about to start a L&D job at another hospital. When applying, the job description said OB nurse, so I assumed it was for postpartum. During the interview they gave us an opinion of doing the OB postpartum training track or the OB L&D training track. I choose L&D.

    Sorry for my long post but the moral of my story is, OB nurse can mean different things at different facilities. I would advise you to ask when applying. Good luck!
  5. by   Mc111901
    Thank you! Yes i have noticed that it really does depend on the hospital. I think i'm more interested in the postpartum part of it.