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Am looking for information-how many L&D units out there only have one RN present at deliveries-for both vaginal deliveries and C/S--that means this one RN is responsible for both mom and baby--trying... Read More

  1. by   JoniL&DRN
    If things are stable and not busy we have one RN for mom and *hopefully* an LVN to do baby. We are trying to implement the "golden hour" right now and give mom, dad and baby some time before we do meds, assess. etc. on baby. If we do that, it's doable for one RN with someone on standby just in case. Our midwives prefer less bodies in the room, if possible and not necessary. It does make for a nice delivery when there is less commotion, I will admit.

    NOW that being said, if things are questionable, we have a NICU team, including RT, that we can summon (which we will do automatically for mec, variable decels or any other non-reassuring strip). We also have Lead RN's (always one per shift) that always make themselves available for help as well. Overall we have a great team and great teamwork which I think is the best assurance of excellent care.
  2. by   LDRNMOMMY
    We typically have one RN for mom and baby. The NICU team attends all c/s, mec, <37 weeks, non-reassuring strips, or any other reason the MD or nurse sees fit. (we have been having MD's copping attitudes with nurses if we call NICU for some reason not stated above; like they are going to help me recusitate the baby if needed :uhoh21

    Usually there is one RN, and 1 ST in the room. All the ST's have NRP, but I would rather have another licsensed person in the room with me. Thankfully I run the OR's so I am doing deliveries all that much anymore. I will say that if my charge nurse anticipates that the baby may need some help with transition they usually are in the room with me. Whenever I have asked for help I usually have more than one nurse coming into the room to help me.
  3. by   BeccaznRN
    We have 1 RN and 1RT from our NICU team come for all preterm, mec, and vacuum deliveries (also for crappy strips and other circumstances as we see fit). They also attend every C/S. Any other delivery is attended by only L&D staff. On nights (which is what I work), the charge nurse comes in to second all deliveries. The day shift only has one nurse for the delivery. Everyone at work still says that having that second nurse is a "luxury." :angryfire
  4. by   crysobrn
    We have two RN's in our vag deliveries... unless there is something really major going on somewhere else. If we anticipate problems and go ahead with a vag delivery we may call the ped dr (or an extra RN) in too (rarely)

    We have an RN and peds for baby when mom is a c/s...

    We unfortunately do not have a NICU to call upon for anything. Our RT's are not even NRP so we rarely call them (maybe if we needed an extra body).

    I was just talking to a local OB from the next town over and she was telling me (and my coworker) that they only have ONE OB nurse on a shift period. Unless they have like THREE or more labor patients they might call in another OB nurse. But their nurses are alone with often TWO labor patients. They must be really special to be able to be two places at once... I would be very scared to work there!!!