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Just read this mornings paper and the front page has a large article about our local hospital no longer allowing VBACs. Now, I find ths hard to believe given that two of my patients over the past... Read More

  1. by   SC RN
    This whole issue gets me so worked up that I don't even know where to start ... forcing c-sections, discouraging VBACs, insurance premiums and coverage that is ridiculous, malpractice insurance that is through the roof ... it's no wonder that women give up and just do what their Dr tells them to. NOT that I think you should fight with your Dr but when the Dr is making decisions based on what their or your insurance company is telling them to say .. that's where we get in trouble.

    I had a section 12 years ago and it was necessary and warranted ... we tried manipulation, different laboring positions, walking, labor balls, the whole nine yards and after 36 hours it was apparent that my little guy was NOT coming out vaginally. When his heart rate dropped and I spiked a temp .. it was time to deliver surgically. And I always assumed (because of other health reasons, as well) that I would have another section when the time came. But the hospital making the choice for me has just floored me. Now I'm mad because it's no longer my decision! Sheesh!

    I love L&D and it once was my goal to become a Midwife but these days are so different and the direction OB is headed is not the direction I want to go. I just don't know.

    Thanks for all of the info and opinions that you all offer, though, it's great to get so much info here. I love this place!
  2. by   ?burntout
    I will be having a repeat C-section late April/early May as the hospital where my ob/gyn practices can not comply with the standard of care for TOLAC/VBAC-the 24/7 in house ob/gyn, peds and anesthesia.

    Sorry to interrupt!
  3. by   SC RN
    Stopped by my unit yesterday while I was at the hospital doing my clinicals for school ... sounds like the hospital is saying "no VBACs" but that the docs and midwives are still doing them. In fact, we had two yesterday. So, I'm sure I'll find out more next time I work but I'm happy for now that VBACs have not been completely written off.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    well that is a problem. if hospital policy is no VBACs and yet they are being done, you may be getting into trouble some day. Personally, I think VBACs are great and in a perfect world, everyone who wanted would have one. But more and more hospitals are saying "no" as risk control issues remain at the forefront.
  5. by   Praise37
    At the hospital where I work VBAC's are the norm and c sections are only performed in cases of emergency. Of course litigation is not much of a problem as in your case.