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  1. Hello everyone I am new to this club and I am very new to this field I will be attending nursing school in Fall 2003 full time at Hahnemann University in Philadelphia PA. I am interested in learning more about become a nurse of OB GYN how would I do that once I am in nursing school this field has always interested me could anyone give me any clues. Thank You
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Well I shall start by welcoming you to the board and nursing. always so glad to make a new friend. and why don't you ask what you would like to know? I will be happy to answer ANY questions you have or anything you want or need. Just ask away! I wish you luck in school and in your future career.
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    well you can do like i did. I read every book i could find on topic nursing and otherwise. I researched on the internet, took seminars and attended classes when ever i could. also work with a couple of midwives during my breaks. and when i did my preceptorship i elected to do it in L&D. hope this helps you some.
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    Congrats faha! And from one student to another, good luck!
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    Thanks everyone for your great replys. I would like to know what types of things I would do as an OB/GYN nurse. I would like to open my own free clinic for women but I would like to learn ways that I could get more experience as a student. Right now I am going to be starting in Fall 2003 at Hahnemann University to get my BSN however how would I be able to specialize in that specific field. I guess what I want to know is there anything I can do as a student to gain information and some experience in this specialty. Thanks again
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    Originally posted by faha1975
    I want to know is there anything I can do as a student to gain information and some experience in this specialty.

    When I was a student, we had to choose in our final semester what area we wanted to do our management (of a team of pts) rotation in and a couple of us chose OB. The faculty didn't originally offer that area as a choice, but some of us knew that was what we wanted to do and they got us in. It gave us not only the opportunity to network, but it also gave us a large amount of inside knowledge about the area that we didn't learn in school. We split L&D with PP time and in L&D we couldn't be much "in charge", but in PP, we were able to take a team of pts with guidance/supervision of the RN assigned to the pts.

    It was a very valuable experience and looked good on a resume. I would suggest seeking out any opportunities like this. Even when it is not laid out as an option, try suggesting it......worst that could happen is they would say "no".

    Good luck!
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    I am also new to the field of nursing. I just started nursing school this past summer, and I have begun my clinical rotation this fall. My first clinical experience was in L & D. I really enjoyed watching and assisting with what was going on. L & D seemed like an area I would like to pursue. Could anyone shed some light on this area of nursing, and maybe elaborate on if they enjoy L & D?