New RN, will have interview for a birthing center position, need advice, please!

  1. Hi all,

    I am a new RN and I applied for 2 positions at a local hospital - one in Birthing Center and another in Med/Surg. The listed requirements were the same for both, and I love OB-Gyn. I only applied for M/S because I was not sure if entry-level RNs are accepted in specialty areas without prior experience. Now I got an interview appointment for both, although the HR seemed to emphasize the Birthing Center. (There were no specifications as to L&D or R/PP or mother/baby.) So I presume that the birthing center position is really accepting new RNs. Am I right on this?

    If they do indeed accept entry-level RNs in birthing center, and if they have a good preceptorship program, have growth potentials that will lead to CNM, or WHNP, or CNS in OB-Gyn, then I WOULD LIKE TO GET THIS JOB. Nothing else gives me the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction than being in the OB-Gyn area.

    Hence, I need your words of wisdom here. What should I expect and how should I prepare?

    Thank you very much in advance.
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  3. by   Annointed_RNStudent
    Hi, I will be a new OB nurse in May, one thing I would reccomend is not to go in the interview and make a lot of fuss about CNM or Advanced Pracitce Nursing, the manager is hiring a staff nurse, and you probally shouldn't say you want to work OB because you love babies, and WHEN you send the thank you note rehighlight your interest in OB!

    Good Luck!
  4. by   Jolie
    The previous poster is correct. Do not say that you want to work in OB because you love babies. It will give the impression that you think OB is nothing more than rocking cute little ones.

    Emphasize your interest in this phase of the lifespan, from caring for well-women, to assisting patients manage pregnancy complications, to facilitating safe deliveries, to assisting new parents to bond and learn to care for their babies. Discuss how you wish to sharpen your assessment and clinical skills, your desire to learn numerous areas of care, including medical-surgical care of mothers, OR, PACU (recovery of C-section moms), infant care. Emphasize your willingness to obtain specialty certifications including ACLS, NRP and fetal monitoring. Stress your love of patient education, and your desire to support breastfeeding families.

    Inquire about orientation. It should be a MINIMUM of 12 weeks 1:1 with a consistent preceptor. Ask about the average length of service of the nurses on the unit. It should be well over 2 years. Anything less indicates a rapid turnover of staff which is a red flag. Ask how and when you will receive training for specialty certifications. Ask about being pulled to other units. No new grad should be expected to float during the first 6-12 months of employment.

    Good luck in your interview!
  5. by   manangmdrn
    Annointed and Jolie,

    Thanks a bunch! I will keep it in mind to not emphasize the CNM.

    I do love all those aspects that you mentioned, Jolie, and I really am interested in sharpening my assessment and clinical skills, because I really want to be able to do more than catch a baby. Thank you for those specific tips on how I should answer during the interview. I really appreciate it a lot!
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Nothing at wrong with having goals and aspirations. But the others are right; you want them to know how they benefit having you as their staff nurse. Don't be afraid to toot your horn in this respect. And if asked, you have the opportunity to reveal your future goals. But they do want to know what you will bring the unit in the position for which you interview.