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Mugwump had a great idea offering services to new grads as a mentor (thank you for that!) So, I thought having a "sticky" for new grads, OB nurses, students, and others with questions who want... Read More

  1. by   Kristin_collegemom
    Quote from rxbunnie
    Has anyone had to deal with hearing (or heard from other people) that OB nursing was looked down upon?

    I'm a new grad, and I just took NCLEX-RN yesterday... Before I graduated I knew that I wanted to go into OB because I was fortunate to work as a PCSA (and aide) in an L&D unit... and I loved it! Since the nurses knew I was a nursing student they were so great on letting me follow them through deliveries, c/s, etc... They couldn't wait for me to graduate!

    A family member of mine (who is a peds-oncology nurse) gave me a hard time about choosing to go into L&D. They said when a group of nurses get together and someone says they're an L&D nurse... the others will laugh. They even said it wasn't a specialty! I was so frustrated... I love my unit, and I was so mad that they couldn't even support me in a decision that would make me HAPPY.

    I just wanted to know if anyone had a similar experience and how they felt about/dealt with it. TIA.
    No, I've never heard that... but maybe people have never said things like that to me because that is WHY I went to nursing school - to be an L&D nurse.

    First of all, let me assure you.... L&D nursing IS real nursing. L&D is a critical care unit. We give blood, we take care of pt's on Mag, we deal with preterm labor, we deal with infants that are limp and not breathing at birth. L&D is a dynamic specialty where things are or can be emergent - and when emergencies arrise, they have to be dealt with quickly, and with a great deal of knowledge.

    If you have a passion for L&D - don't let someone's ignorant comment stand in your way. You get to be a part of the MOST important and special day in many families' lives, and I'm almost certain you will have many patients that remember you and what you did for them and their new baby.

    It truly offends me that anyone would say that L&D is not a specialty and is not real nursing.... hmmm.... I guess that's why everyone else in the hospital is terrified the moment a pt says she's pregnant - and they send her to us when she has a rash....
  2. by   lndhopeful
    Help I am knew to l&d and have only been a nurse for 18months in oncology. Although I love my job I'm finishing up an 8 wk. orientation part on nights then switched to days, I have one more day left and although I suppose I can have my orientation extended I feel very overwhelmed, I also trained 2 wks pp and 2wks nursery, so now I'll be able to go to any area. Yeah Right! My next schedule will only be in L&D and I'm freaking out. I'm not very confident with my cervical exam, effacement and station any helpful tips ? Actually any helpful tips in general to help me remember the little things would be greatly appreciated.
    I've been doing as much reading outside of work as possible but I just feel so overwhelmed at times that it all runs together.
    Thanks for the help
  3. by   Karley9336
    Hi all, I have a question.... I have been hired as a enough that I don't even know the official title to my position.....anyways....I am the "baby" nurse, immediate post delivery or as the popular terminolgy goes...I CATCH the baby. This position is in a small critical access hospital with fewer the 100 births a year. I have been working at this facility for a bit over 2 months. When not catching babies I am on the med/surg floor as a med/nurse. My concern is that I am a fairly new nurse with just a year in experience and when I was hired in I was told that I would be sent to one of the bigger hospitals to complete my orientation to the unit. At this time they are not looking to send me there till January maybe..... I am the attending nurse for these nb's and to be honest I am afraid...even though we transfer anything that is critical, I know that things can happen in less then a heartbeat with this little people. At this time I have only had two weeks orientation to the OB dept. Most of my time is spent on the med/surg floor administering medications and starting IVs. I am right to be concerned about this? Or am I making a mountain out of a molehill (I don't think that I am). I have been in attendence of prolly a dozen births, most c-sections, and one twin set. I know that my work mates in OR and the MOM nurse are there to back me up and as they continue to tell me..." I am NOT alone there", but I sure as heck am worried that if something goes bad....I would sure as heck be alone in front of the nursing board or moms attorney. I have expressed my concerns to my NM, and she also pooh poohs them. As the popular saying goes...I NEED my job and cannot just up and quit...especially as a New nurse. I am submitting applications to nearby hospitals and interviewed for one yesterday...Another question...what do I tell them about why I want to leave new job so quickly? Sorry if this is long, but I did want to fully explain the situation. Originally took the job because prior job I was driving 75 miles each way for work and wanted to work closer to home and the offer of the training. Any response will be appreciated. Thanx in advance.
  4. by   merCful
    I'm a nursing student currently doing my OB rotation. I am doing a term project on Adoption and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with open or close adoption cases on the L & D or PP units. Thank you.
  5. by   karis2008
    I am going to be graduating with my BSN in May 2008 and I am wondering what I can do to better prepare myself to be an OB nurse. Also, what extra things can I do to make myself more appealing to recruiters?
    Thanks for the feedback! This forum is wonderful!
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  6. by   Angela Hancock
    I am a sophmore stiudent,first year nursing student. I am doing research for my nusring class. I have a few questions I would like to ask OB nurses.
    1. What is the importance of attitude?
    2. What is the Dr/nurse relationsip like?
    3. Possitives and negatives of OB field?

    I have my own ideas but I would love feedback from someone that has first hand experience. Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. by   mlcnurse
    Hi to everyone!I need help, currently im applying in an hospital and they want me to submit a nursing care plan specifically patient with a case of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Please help me in formulating my nursing diagnosis.Thank you!
  8. by   evilolive
    Hi everyone! I'm graduating officially in 2 days, chugging along at trying to get in contact with recruiters and doing job applications. A few of my family members said I should just start in Med-Surg ("the bottom," as they put it) and not be set on getting a L+D job. I completed 160 hrs of internship in L+D... but I'm not really getting any responses back from jobs in my area.

    I guess I would agree with "Karis" on the question, what can I do to make myself look better to recruiters? I've seen so many places with many L+D/PP job openings it blows my mind. Also, would applying for PP be useful, and a way to work my way into L+D? Thanks for any advice, it's just frustrating when you've been applying for a month now and you haven't heard from anyone
  9. by   TRINI_RN
    I'm starting my senior externship on a L&D unit in a month or so. It will be 180 hours over 10 weeks. My question is this: the unit is not advertising any openings for new grad RN's at this time (only for Clin II-flexi position), is it reasonable to think that it's because they plan on hiring some of the externs and techs? And, how can I drop hints to the manager about wanting to work there without being annoying? I went to school because I wanted to be an OB nurse, I just want to make sure I don't mess this up.
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  10. by   lndhopeful
    HI 2bNursecadet, I don't know if they told you this in nursing school to get at least a year of Med-Surg under your belt but that's what I've always been told and of course I never understood why. I just thought hey why can't I just do what I went to Nursing schhol for. Well now I'm in a unit doing L&D, PP and Nursey and I completely understand why they give that advise. I've been a nurse for 2yrs and still feel very overwhelmed. we just hired 2 grad nurses and I just can't imagine being in there shoes. If you do get hired make sure you have a long orientation because at my hospital it was only 8wks NOT enough to learn what you need to be safe it use to be 6 months but that changed due to budget cuts. Good Luck
  11. by   NiesyLuv0o
    Hi everyone,

    I am in my first semester of nursing school and completing a paper on the responsibilities of a L&D nurse. Can I get some info or a list of some responsibilies. Also, I just wanted more information on administering food to the patient while they are being assessed. I found an article that had some confusing info on patients eating prior and during labor. I want some clarification. Thank you in advance

  12. by   pazza66
    Ok I am new at the ob/gyn thing. My Dr. has this patient that really can't take any BC. He now inserted the Mirena in her. Let me also say she take Paxil and suffers from anxiety. Poor thing I feel bad for her because she needs the progesterone, her body doesn't produce enough. She claims to have foggy thinking and very tired. Any veteran ob/gyn nurses have any input on this situation? From what I read the Mirena shouldn't be absorbed systemicly only in the uterus. I don't want to of course say that the Dr. I work for doesn't know what he is doing but I took a liking to this patient and I guess I would like to know for myself. Thanks all

  13. by   RTNurse
    Is there a University/College with an online cerification program for OB/GYN?
    Or, do I just nneed to read certain books and then take the test?

    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    Mugwump had a great idea offering services to new grads as a mentor (thank you for that!)

    So, I thought having a "sticky" for new grads, OB nurses, students, and others with questions who want to post these can do so here. We also seem to see many of the same questions over and over, so perhaps this would help serve as an ongoing discussion of common issues/questions we all seem to have on our minds. This could serve not just for those asking directly, but others who may be "lurking" and looking for information or considering a career in OB, newborn, GYN nursing, or midwifery, doula services, childbirth education, lactation consulting, or other related work.

    So if any mod thinks this is a good idea, mind stickying this?

    Let's give this a go and see how it works out. We have many potential "mentors" here among us who, I am sure, would LOVE to help a new nurse/midwife/doula or student on his or her way to a rewarding career. I know I would love to help out!