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  1. hi. i am in my 3rd semester of nursing (graduate c my associates in may) and i want to work in ob so very badly. i am afraid i will be stuck in med surg or something that i dont like. but hopefully i will get to go into ob. but i am afraid i wont remember everything from nursing school concerning ob, plus, i am a visual learner, so i was wondering if i should be worried or do most ob nurses get a lot of training before being on their own?? did any of you feel this way when you were in school? i still have not started an i.v. hopefully i will before i graduate. thanks for any replies!
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  3. by   fergus51
    Everyone feels that way when they're in school. You are completely normal. I am sure you could go stright into OB. Orientation times vary, but you can just not take a job unless the orientation is good.
  4. by   studentnurse_02
    thanks for the comment and inspiration!
  5. by   Cindy-OB RN/CCE
    Congratulations on your up coming graduation. Where I work new nurses spend a day in out patient surgery and start IVs. It's great experience and really boosts confidence. Maybe you could suggest this at your new job. Also don't be afraid to say you're not comfortable with something and request more practice.
  6. by   mommanurse
    Some nurses maynot agree but i think all new nurses should work med-surg at least a little while just to get experience. the reason i say this is because i went straight into OB and never on med-surg. its been so long that i dont know anything about "sick people" unless they are pregnant or postpartum. i wish i could have had a more broad experience. just my opinion, hope i helped.