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  1. Saying Hello. I stumbled on to this web site by trying to find information on self scheduling. I have worked with self scheduling off and on over the last 15 years. I find that as nursing changes and staff change, the problems really do not but few are willing to offer better solutions to current and reoccurring problems.
    Any one with new ideas on self scheduling? I have a committee meeting next week. I was wanting to take new ideas. We all work 12 hour shitfs,7p-7a, and as often, the night shift is always lacking in numbers of staff. We currently have only 11 FT and several PRN. We average 1400-1500 del per year and are rising with our census due to the addition of 3 neonatologists. Day shift is usually overstaffed and do independent self sched from nights. We have our 5 weekend shift guideline (this is to include fri,sat,sun nights), 2 calls, 4 requests, and a holiday "A" "B" list because too many staff were avoiding working equal holiday shifts. Minimum staffing is to include 4 labor room RN and 2-3 post partum rn. Nursery is separate from our schedule as is NICU.
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