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  1. Hello all! First I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jenna and I'm about 5 years (ugh!) away from becomming a nurse. My passion for OB began with the pregnancy and birth of my first child this year. I had such an amazing experience with my nurses and I wanted to give others that same opportunity.

    While I'm waiting for my husband to finish his master's so I can start school, I was considering leaving my current job (secretarial) and getting a job in a hospital to get my feet wet, so to speak. I was planning on getting my CNA and going that route, but when I was on a job board for a local hospital, I found a listing for an OB Tech.

    There was a vague description of the job, including ordering and maintaining supplies and scrubbing for vaginal deliveries. It also mentioned no experience was necessary, except to complete their training course. So, my question is: do you have OB techs in your units? If so, what sort of things do they do and what kind of interaction do they have with the rest of the unit? Do you think it would give me the opportunity to see what goes on in OB (and nursing in general)? I really have no clue about this and would really appreciate your input.

    Thank you!
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    Jenna! Welcome to you; so glad to have you with us. I became enthralled with OB nursing upon the birth of my premature son who had a birth defect, nearly 11 years ago. The way those nurses treated us, I thought they were sainted. The made a very frightened firsttime mom feel confident I could effectively mother my son and NOT be afraid to do so. (of course they are not "sainted", but they were wonderful).

    Anyhow, thus began my quest. Went back to school, knocked all my pre-req . classes out, and gained entry to nursing school in 1995. Graduated 1997 and the rest is where I am today. I do like what I do. It is NOT utopia, of course. It can be incredibly stressful at times, but I can't see myself doing anything else.

    The answer to your question about techs is, yes we DO have them. I work in two different hospitals. Both use them. But, the ones WE use have their SCRUB TECH certification. (you have to go to technical school for this). I hear more and more OB units are going to that cause these people can scrub in on csections, tubals, D and C's and other ob-related surgeries, as well as perform administrative duties...... So you may want to ask if that is the case where you want to work. I have yet to work in a hospital OB unit where generic CNA's were used; all were CST's. Some places, however DO use aides; esp the larger hospitals. So check it out! If nothing else, you could shadow a nurse or two there, or volunteer to get a lay of the unit, so to speak, and get to know who works there.

    also, check out the college/university where you would attend nursing school. See what they require in the way of prerequisite classes, transcripts, and such. Some nursing schools also require you to obtain your CNA (certified nurse assistant certificate) before you can be admitted. These are things you need to know so you don't waste time trying to get in.

    I wish you luck! Any more questions, please PM me or ask here. We are glad to help you.
    We don't use OB Techs at my hospital, so I don't have any words of advice for you. Just wanted to say hi and welcome you to the boards and our field!

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    We do have OB techs at the hospital from which I recently retired [just LOVE those words]. They did a lot, but scrubbing for a delivery wasn't on the list. Mostly they transported pts., did the 'dishes' (instruments) prior to sterilization, stocked, helped set-up and take down rooms. They are worth their weight in gold, because they enable the RN's to be at the bedside.

    If you want to get your foot in the door, that would be one way to go. Could you 'job shadow'? Be sure to compare their salary w/yours, what hours they'd want to hire you (nights might not be good for child care, etc.).

    Think about it carefully. This is 24/7/365. If it were me, I'd postpone shifts, weekends, and holidays for a while yet. But if it's what you really want--GO FOR IT!!!
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    We don't have techs either but if you go that route and end up in OB, scrubbing experience will certainly be a plus. You may discover you enjoy the OR as well. Give it a try and see how it goes..EVERY and ANY bit of experience can only help, and not hinder you, especially since in school, clinical is a big part of it...Good luck and welcome!