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  1. I'm a new grad nurse & interested in starting in pp. I love working with new moms & babes & really enjoy the patient teaching aspect. I'm just EXTREMELY scared & feel that everybody expects me to know everything!! I did my last rotation in school in community setting with new moms/babies (ie. home visits, mom assmnts, breastfeeding etc). Now i'd like to get more hosp. experience in pp & am nervous!! (ie. remembering how to do iv stuff again etc). Is this normal?? or am I just being a big suck??!! Will i realistically get help from others or am I stressing myself out and scaring myself? I really enjoy this area but i'm also extremely nervous and scared about how much i don't know!! any suggestions or tips would be helpful!! thankx
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  3. by   shay
    I can honestly say that working on Mother/baby as a new grad nurse was the BEST experience of my life!!! It was great!!

    I knew NOTHING about having a baby or what to do with one, and have NONE of my own, so yeah, I was nervous. Don't worry!! I find over and over again in my career that THE BEST learning tool is to simply listen and watch the older experienced nurses. 90% of what I know and the techniques I use today are a direct result of modeling the techniques of my 'elders.'

    Another great and unexpected learning tool were the new moms themselves, if it was like their 3rd baby or something (and they weren't a crackhead or total nutjob). THEY taught ME sometimes!! LOL!!

    Don't be've just got the normal new grad jitters. The best advice I ever got was from a nurse who told me to find someone on the unit that I felt comfortable with and to make her my 'unofficial' mentor. This is especially helpful if your preceptor isn't very friendly or bright (hey, it happens...). The nurse I made my unofficial mentor was a warm, down-to-earth, 3 time mommy herself who was really great. She taught me a lot and was a comfort on those stressed out days.
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    Another great and unexpected learning tool were the new moms themselves, if it was like their 3rd baby or something (and they weren't a crackhead or total nutjob). THEY taught ME sometimes!! LOL!!
    So true Shay!

    You're gonna have your ding bats and nurse eaters everywhere, but for the most part I think post partum nurses are natural teachers. Growing up I could never decide if I wanted to be a teacher or a nurse. I like to think I have the best of both worlds.

    So find the nurses that love to teach, and don't be afraid to ask questions. They know you are new, and they will respect you more for asking about things you don't know, then if you didn't ask and compromised patient safety, or if you acted arrogant and give them streaming lines of "I knew that!".

    So just be yourself, don't be afraid or nervous. And welcome!

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    Hello everyone! I, too, am a new grad and just got hired in PP. I am so excited, yet scared. Thank you for your kind responses to the other grad's question. It has really helped me as well.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Welcome the wonderful and exciting world of perinatal nursing. I was a new grad. when hired into L and D 5 years ago and never looked back. I LOVE WHAT I DO!!! Personally, I would welcome a new grad anytime. They are passionate, observant and work hard for the most part.

    A word to the wise....DO NOT TOLERATE anyone EATING THEIR YOUNG around Yourself or others! Do NOT accept abusive behavior. I worked w/a couple nurses like that. Folks, I believe we teach others how to treat us.....with respect or........


    Always command respect. You have alot to learn...we all do. Never be afraid to admit you do not know something and ASK! It's how we learn..... But if someone disses you, take 'em aside, and ALONE , look em in the eye, and tell them you wont' stand for it. I had to, and ya know what? The worst "nurse eater" I worked with became one of my BEST friends...even went on to throw a baby shower for me one short year later.

    Sometimes, it just takes standing up for something so you won't fall for any old thing. (like the song goes). Again, welcome and good luck!