Need some advice from the experts...pregnant new grad

  1. Ok, I realize that you guys can't give me an "answer" to this problem just wondering if you have suggestions as I am bumfuzzled. I am 22 wks pregnant with my second child. With my first I labored in the tub, wanted to deliver in the tub but they didnt do that in the hospital, ya da ya da. Anyway, it is important for me to have the OPTION of delivering in the water with this child so I chose to deliver at the same hospital (they now do water births) but chose a different doctor. The doctor I used before had no "problem" with delivering in water except he is 60+ years old, had bi-lateral knee replacement and is not physically able to deliver from the tub. I know this is not too articulate so bear with me. Well, the doctor I chose who is married to a midwife and just "wonderful' in my eyes, quit the practice and is moving to another country! So, to continue at the same office I am with the MD that is not physically able to deliver. What should I do? Find a midwife? The doctor who is leaving really pushed to start the waterbirthing in this hospital and is the only md that usually delivers this way. I realize that at the time of delivery I may not even want to deliver in the tub, it may be totally different, etc. I just want it to be an option. Love the doctor I am left with except the fact that he cant deliver from the tub...would it be insane for me to ask if the nurse could do the actual "catching" of the baby? Know you guys end up doing it, although not always ideal. Thank you for reading through all this, there are details I have left out...just offer some suggestions, opinions...whatever.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Ok I am gonna start out sounding harsh and I am sorry but:

    NO nurse is going to catch your baby for you WILLINGLY!!!! You cannot "prearrange" such a thing! As an L and D nurse, I do ALL I CAN TO ENSURE THE DELIVERING DOCTOR IS THERE AT THE TIME OF BIRTH, hell or high water. It's a rare baby I have to catch unassisted because I do not let it happen if I can help it. DO not even suggest this to an L and D nurse. WE are not compensated NEARLY enough for delivering babies and only do so when there is no alternative (e.g. Precipitious delivery before a doctor can make it). And when we "end up doing it", as you put it, our butts are ON THE LINE should complications with mom or baby arise in labor or afterward. It's way out of our scope of practice except in extreme circumstances.

    My advice? You find a midwife or other practioner LICENSED to deliver babies who supports and does Le Boyer (water) birth ASAP. You still have time, so start NOW. You may succeed. I am sorry for the turn of events and your disappointment in your doctor leaving practice. How that must hurt I can imagine. But NO consciencious labor and delivery nurse will EVER agree "ahead of time" to deliver a baby for you----It is OUT OF OUR SCOPE OF PRACTICE, like I said before, and a situation/liability we cannot afford. Good luck to you---- and I wish you a safe, healthy delivery and baby. Again, I am sorry for the situation you find yourself in ---I hope you can have the delivery you wish for so much!
  4. by   nursenatalie
    OK, so it sounds like your answer is "no", sounds like you read too much into what I was saying but thanks anyway
  5. by   Dayray
    Hehe I can't blam her though in L&D nurses catching babies is a big nono and scary. Not the actually act of catching them but the legal and administraitive reprocutions.

    I agree with her advise. You can prolly find a CNM or OBGYN in your area that woudl do it. However if you are just not comfortable going to another doctor just stay where you are.

    Also a word of caution as many ppl know I am Pro home birth but if you can't find somone to do water birth in hospital and you decide to go that way, check out your midwife extensivly and don't let you hope for a water birth blind you to red flags. Make sure you and your baby are safe.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    OK, How did I read too much into it, may I please ask? I am just wondering......Thought I was to the point in answering what you asked and purty nice about it even. Spend 6 years in OB/Newborn nursing as I have, see what I have seen, and THEN tell me I am wrong. Dayray is right; repercussions can be deep and many. SAFETY always comes first, no matter the method in which one chooses to give birth. Also, having a licensed, experienced practioner to facilitate this, someone who embraces your philosophies, offers you the best in any case. Ah well, I do wish you luck regardless.
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  7. by   nursenatalie
    Sorry, it is hard to convey meanings with just words...never implied that there would not be an MD attending the birth, and my sarcasm doesnt come thru well in chat. I am just flabbergasted by the situation. I am from a fairly rural area and just floored that the doctor who I had chosen up and decided to move to another country...what are the odds? Anyway, when writing I was throwing out all options rational or not. I am researching other providers as we speak and thank you for your input
  8. by   Anagray
    hi! Since it is out of scope of practice for a nurse to "catch" the baby, I would find a doctor who can. I'm sure there is someone out there who would do it for you.
    Also, I wish you all the best with delivery I hope it goes as planned.
  9. by   mother/babyRN
    I can see the points of everyone here...Is there a reason that you are heart set on delivering at that hospital? SmilingBlueEyes was just trying to get her point across..We cannot legally plan to deliver the baby just because the covering doc can't get down and do it....Were there only two OB docs at that hospital and now only one? I think I am confused....Could you not compromise and labor in the tub off and on, and then be back to bed for the actual birth? That seems, to me, to be your best solution if you are set on delivering at that hospital.....While it is wonderful that in this situation you might actually prefer a nurse to deliver you, it just isn't something that we are allowed or excited to do..If the hospital allows that it provides water births, it is up to the administration or remaining docs, to figure out a way to provide what they offer. Otherwise, if a water birth were my plan, I would go elsewhere....Good luck to you!
  10. by   homesick honey
    Hi Nursenatalie. as a Midwife with ! years of experience i feel sorry for you that your options are reduced due to your dr moving. i would discuss your options with this other doctor. im my experience Water births are very hands off (as long as they go to plan) consider your previous delivery, as long as there were no complication and you have had adequate antenatal care and are cared correctly for in labour there is very little for you dr to do. the mothers i have delivered have all brought the babies tothe surface themselves under my instruction and i have sat by the tub and been able to see what is happening without a lot of bending. as long as you are prepared to get out if the needs arise even your placenta can be delivered while you are in the pool. research Midwives in your area if you dr is still not happy but follow your dream. be strong but sensible and good luck!!
  11. by   homesick honey
    Sorry that should have been 13 years experience. must learn to read before i send
  12. by   nursenatalie
    Thank you homesick honey, with my first it was a "hands off delivery" although not done in the tub, baby was suctioned (which wont be done until after delivery if in the tub) and my husband was to do the rest but he was somewhat leery at last minute and once shoulder was out I pulled her the rest of the way. doc was there & all that but only for direction. Experience was great with first but it was amazing how much more sensation was experienced out of the tub! Made a huge difference and considering I was +2 station when I got out to have the pain multiplied by 10 only by getting out of the water was awful! I travel 45 minutes to see the md and have an appt with a midwife who is only an hour is approx. 65 minutes away. Im looking forward to seeing the midwife and having someone give me one on one care throughout delivery!
  13. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Let us know what happens! I truly DO hope you have the delivery you want and all goes well.