my baby does not grow

  1. I am a registered nurse in Hong Kong. This is my second time of pregnancy. ( 38th weeks ) On my routine follow up, the fundal height is remain 31-32cm since 33rd weeks. Ultrasound was done on 37th weeks and shown 2.5kg of my baby girl. Is this the indication of " no growth " for months? I am very anxious about my pregnancy. I will plan LSCS on 39th weeks.

    Question 1: Is there any abnormality of my baby?
    Question 2: Is there any harm to keep the baby 1 more week in my womb if it shows no growth?

    Thank you for your replies.
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  3. by   shay
    As always, my disclaimer....hard to answer this without additional data and not having been there myself to see the ultrasound.

    First, although your fundal height may have stopped, your baby sounds like it has at least grown some. 2.5 kilos is a decent size for someone of asian ancestry (I am assuming here that you are of asian/chinese descent and so is your husband....please correct me if I'm wrong).

    There is concern if a baby isn't growing in utero, but it sounds like your doctor confirmed that the baby has grown by doing the ultrasound. Growth alone does not determine whether or not a baby should remain inside. The amount of amniotic fluid, the amount of activity, the placenta, etc..

    I'd share your concerns with your doctor if I were you and see what he/she has to say.

    Good luck! Sorry to be so vague...
  4. by   bagladyrn
    As above, there can be many factors going on, but there is no reason for you to worry alone - call your doctor/health care provider and ask for explanations - tests such as biophysical profile,nonstress test. Ask questions about implications of any results you don't understand and get the reassurance you need. There are NO stupid questions and you deserve to enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy free of anxiety.
    Please post again and let us know how you and your little one are doing.
  5. by   mother/babyRN
    Everyone has voiced any suggestions I might have added. Sometimes there is an iugr that needs to be addressed, though I would hope if your doctor felt that was so, he or she would have followed up on it..I hope you let us know how things are going....
  6. by   rnoflabor2000
    Simple. If it's not growing(IUGR), it needs to come out. Of course we don't know the severity, but time only makes it worse-because it is usually related to the placenta degrading