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  1. Hello,
    I am new around here and am very happy to have found these boards.
    My name is Vickie and I am a RN with 13 years OB experience. I totally am in love with this area of nursing and feel that this is my calling in life. I also have taught 3 years worth of prenatal classes and love it too.
    About two years ago, I left my old nursing job due to a marriage and subsequent move to a new city. I took a job on a med surg floor because this hospital had no OB openings at the time. I let it be known that I wanted a OB position eventually and they agreed. When a OB job came open, I applied but was denied the job due to the fact that I was 3 weeks short of a one year waiting period to transfer. They hired someone with no OB experience and no hospital experience for the last 10 years or so.
    Now I have started work at another hospital, also on a med surg floor with a promise that I can transfer when an OB position comes open.
    I am discouraged that I will never get back into OB. I feel like my soul is empty. Maybe I should have waited for an OB opening but I needed a job. I have nothing against med surg but I think the longer I work there, the less chance I have of returning to OB.
    I am currently trying to start my own home based OB education business just so I can keep contact with OB's.
    Can any of you offer me any suggestions? I would appreciate any help.

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  3. by   HazeK
    1) stay active w/ your local/state AWHON groups


    3) make yourself a squeaky wheel with the ob nurse manager! Send Christmas cards, valentines, watch staffing position lists.

    4) IF they do keep hiring folks with less experience than you, get copy of hospital hiring policies...see if they are violating policies...and get a lawyer to remind them of their policies: like, maybe policy states they will hire from within before from outside: Maybe seniority counts. Check it out!!!

    good luck!

    Haze :-)