Long weekend, want to vent, sorry

  1. Hi guys,

    I am sorry to complain. Usually I love doing L&D, but this weekend it just got to me and the patients just drove me nuts. (course it it didn't help doing a 8hr, 12 hr, 16 hr night in that order).
    Seems like all I had this weekend were teenage labor patients. The oldest one was 17! By last night with the 13yr old I had reached the end of my rope. I had enough whiny, crying kids. I felt like lecturing them like their mothers should have done! I know they are scared, I tried to be patient with everyone of them and explain everything to them, but it did no good. The mothers were no help at all. They either sat over in the corner asleep or kept saying how they couldn't wait to see their grandbaby! What ever happened to the report to the supposed drop in teenage pregnancies? Then after they deliver and get over to the mother/baby side they are on their call light every 5 minutes for something.
    Oh to have one labor patient that walks in that is married (even in a long-term relationship), late 20's-early 30's that is appreciative of your help and time and is a joy to labor and a joy to assist with the birth of baby who you know is going into a good, loving home.
    Thanks for the vent.
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  3. by   imenid37
    Sunday night, 14 yrs old. pg w/ twins! Comes in all the time. Sent her home because no change in the VE, but I tried to tell dr. I thought she was in labour. Guess who was back first thing Monday a.m.? I've had 2 messages from work to come in. Ha! I will not answer my phone. This girl is very sweet, but very much 14! Her family and the S.O.'s family (he's 13 BTW) are a bit much to deal w/. I do feel bad for the mom, but why were these kids alone together and where? My 14 year old isn't really interested in boys and we take her everywhere she needs to go. She isn't allowed to date even if she asked! I just don't get it. Now once they are a little older and driving, I can easily see how this happens. Just another situation where you have to be kind and professional even though you are a little frustrated w/ the situation I guess. I feel lucky not to be either of these families, guess I'd be a pain too!
  4. by   mtnmom
    I know, I have a 14 year old too and it breaks my heart (and angers me too) every time I deal with one of these babies having babies!!!

    My county has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in Georgia. A few months ago I went to a community forum with some high school students and community professionals...the students were describing how girls were passing out baby shower invites in the lunchroom proudly, and being pregnant is a status symbol.

    If you have been shopping for a young girl lately, you might notice that it is really difficult to dress stylishly and not sl*ttily. Add to that the barrage of sexual innuendo and images in the media, and parents with their heads in the sand...and this is what we get.

    When I was in school there were a couple pregnant girls, but it was by no means a joyous occasion!!!

    I dont know what has happened to our society. It seems that a lot of these girls are just looking for something to love them or a doll to play with. I dont think contraception is the answer because there still is the issue of STD's. We need to preach abstinence to these kids...get them to stop thinking with their genitals!!!
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes

    these cases are what can make working OB so hard.

    I worry all the time for my kids and have already begun very frank and honest discussion with my almost 12-year old son. I put it in terms as to how premature sex can affect HIM....e.g. diseases, being stuck with a baby to care for ...etc.

    It's so scary. What can we do but try to intervene earlier?
  6. by   seanymph

    Please,please tell me that Macon is not included in your county with the "highest teen pregnancy rate". That is where I am heading in a couple of weeks for my next assignment.
  7. by   mtnmom
    No, Macon is not located in my county. I now live in rural Northeast Georgia in the mountains.
    BUT - I am originally from Macon and my parents/grandmother are still there. I will be glad to provide tips, things to do, etc. to make you feel at home there. If you will be there at the end of March you will be there for the Cherry Blossom festival which is a lot of fun.

    I have never worked in Macon as an RN - became a nurse long after leaving there - but am familiar with most of the area healthcare facilities. Where will you be? and where are you staying while in town?

    Good luck! Let me know if I can help in any way.