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This might be a morbid question, but one that interests me. If Laci Peterson was killed while she was in labor, labor would stop would'nt it? Or would she deliver the baby post mortem? Or was she... Read More

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    Hey everyone I also had many questions and found this... Hope it helps

    Coffin birth is a term used by coroners for a spontaneous birth by a dead pregnant woman. It occurs when the gas that builds up naturally in the abdomen and pelvic area of a decomposing body produces enough pressure to push the unborn baby through the birth canal and out the corpse.

    Boyd Stephens, chief medical examiner for San Francisco, said the term does not get much usage anymore since it was coined when bodies were much less likely to be embalmed. "If a body is properly embalmed, it's not likely to happen," he said.

    Stephens said that when a pregnant woman dies and her body is not embalmed, it could take weeks or even months for a post-mortem birth to take place.

    "If someone is pregnant and decomposing in a temperature of 110 degrees, it will happen much more quickly than if they're decomposing in a temperature of 40 degrees," he said.

    Another explanation for how a fetus could become separated from its dead mother is if her body was torn open in death or decomposed to the point where there was nothing to hold the baby inside, according to Stephens.

    Published reports have suggested the adult body found in Richmond came ashore with no head or legs, but a Contra Costa County sheriff's deputy declined to comment on the reports.
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    I wanted to add something to this thread also.
    A few days ago when I found out they were charging Scott with double murder, I thought that if the baby was unborn, it was going to create an ethical debate concerned with abortion rights and sure enough it did.
    I was listening to AM radio last night on the way home " the Savage Nation" and a caller said that somewhere there is a women's right group saying that since the baby was unborn, Scott chould not be charged with the murder of the infant, because I guess it imposes on the abortion rights. Some people believe that a woman has the right to terminate the pregnancy at any time and if this isn't a crime, than Scott Peretson is also not guilty of infant murder, assuming he is the one who killed Laci.

    i personally think he should be charged with the double. a baby is always a baby, in or out.
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  3. by   jadednurse
    Originally posted by Anagray
    ...a caller said that somewhere there is a women's right group saying that since the baby was unborn, Scott chould not be charged with the murder of the infant, because I guess it imposes on the abortion rights.
    Heard a news report last night regarding this. I think the point they (the pro-choice supporters) were trying to make is that charging Mr. Peterson w/ murder against the unborn child might hurt the pro-choice movement because it would validate arguments that abortion is murder. This will open a nasty can of worms for sure...
  4. by   rnrncan
    Please, please remember that anyone accused is innocent until PROVEN guilty. Many good men and women have been killed and injured fighting for this principle. Don't let their sacrifice be in vain!
    In my area there was a young man tried and convicted of the rape and murder of his neighbour, a little 8 yr old girl. Many in our community wanted to lynch him. Later, DNA testing of the semen found in the little one found him innocent. (He was charged, convicted and imprisoned before DNA testing was available). Anyone want to look up the case? Just put "Guy Paul Morin" in your search engine.
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    I think we're just discussing the issues surrounding the case, rnrncan. Noones "testifyin'" here!
  7. by   rnrncan
    It's all just so sad. I hope that somehow justice is served upon this man, whether it's in the hands of the court, other prisoners in jail with him, or God, or all three.
    he was laughing and smiling, and I thought, OMG, this man is so guilty it's not even funny.

    And Scott will not ever get anywhere near them ever again as the only place he will be going, is hell......
    i don't believe he is innocent. i read someplace the police had gathered some evidence against him long prior to finding the bodies.
    My point was that many have already convicted this man in their minds. The same happened with the Morin case. The police believed he was guilty and looked for evidence to convict him, meanwhile letting the real guilty one get away with his crime. I'm not saying that Peterson is innocent, I am just asking you not to judge until the courts have decided!
  8. by   nurse-in-boots
    I think he should be charged with the baby's death!! The baby was almost full term, which goes beyond a normal abortion. Obviously, she did not want an abortion, or would have had one during first few months of pregnancy. Just because a baby isnt born yet, no matter how close to birth, doesnt give just anybody the right to kill the unborn infant, and expect no charges to be brought! This guy murdered both of them. (JMHO).
  9. by   Anagray
    rnrncan, it is definitely tempting to assume Scott Peterson did it.
    there is so much against him, but we'll know soon either way.
  10. by   rnrncan
    I totally agree! But I really learned with the trial of Guy Paul Morin how making assumptions can let the real guilty part get away with the crime. The little girl Guy Paul was accused of murdering was his next door neighbour and the whole community and those for hundreds of miles around came out to search for her when she went missing ( we had some wonderful people from NY state, Ohio, and Penn, come up from the States, while searchers from as far away as Manitoba, Quebec and the Maritimes came from Canada) Small towns do get a lot of support from our neighbours!
    In talking to our local police chief about the Peterson case - the most likely suspect is a member of the family especially the spouse.
  11. by   Hardknox
    Go to

    The case against him seems quite compelling. With DNA testing and forensics I am sure if he is found guilty, he will be guilty. of course, there was OJ Simpson....

    NOW should be ashamed of themselves. That fetus was 7 1/2 months gestation when Laci was killed. It could have lived if delivered then--I have taken care of neonates with that gestational age who survived.
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    Originally posted by babs_rn
    The greatest gift a man can give his children is to love their mother. Barbara [/B]
    Barbara, such a beautiful quote. Such a horrific case.
  13. by   keeper
    The next time you see an innocent man laughing at his missing wife's vigil, selling her vehicle months before her body is found, altering his physical appearance, and being picked up by the police with $10,000 cash in his pockets....let me know.

    I see what you're saying, rnrncan....and you make a good case for patience, but I have to say, my mind is made up on this one.