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Just curious..i was just wondering what most of you experienced nurses do. If you have a pt. a primip for example with an epidural, who is complete 10/100/0-1 station, feeling you have... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I do that too on occasion, Shortstuff.
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Quote from KT-Jay731
    We do turn down the epidural in our institution as a general guideline. Honestly I think most Moms don't realize it, either. If we've done it correctly, they are so focused on that baby being almost out that they don't realize their epidural has been touched.
    I disagree with this procedure of moms not knowing their epidurals are being manipulated. I think moms should be told when their epidural is being turned down and why. However, you correctly pointed out something I forgot; some institutions DO allow nurses to turn down epidural rates. Ours will not. We are only allowed to turn them off after delivery.
  3. by   KT-Jay731
    Just want to clarify my post: I made it sound as if we don't inform them. We do, I meant to write that I don't think they notice that it IS being turned town. I've never had a Mom say "Gee can you turn that back up?" And of course it is not turned off before each delivery; every case is different.
  4. by   OzMW
    Ignore the fact shes fully dilated and turn her on her side and let her sleep! And don't turn it off!
  5. by   OzMW
    Quote from shortstuff31117
    I always labor down if possible. Our docs don't like it, so I usually have to lie a bit about the dilation hehe.
    Don't think your the only one there! A primip is so much better being 9cm than fully eh!
    Its called doing good by stealth.