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  1. Hello,
    I am a RN Student that has an opportunity to be a L&D Tech. Will this be good experience? I don't know what area I want to go into yet. I have heard (don't shoot the messenger!) that in L&D you really don't see much variety and many clinical skills and training go unused.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Yes, definately. If you do want to do OB one day, this can't hurt at all. I wish you luck! Our tech's are GOLD and we love them!
  4. by   diane1289
    Thanks!!! This is the first reply I have received on the board (obviously I am new to this : ) )

    Thanks for your input:kiss
  5. by   fergus51
    I hate the skills thing. In OB you won't use some traditional med-surg skills like NG tube insertions or play with chest tubes much. That said, we do use a lot of skills that are different like fetal heart monitoring, vag exams, use lots of IVs, epidurals, catheters, many nurses also learn to scrub for the OR, etc. Assessments become focused no matter what specialty you go into. A med surg nurse could never come onto my unit and function, any more than I could go on hers and function so I figure we're equal!

    As for variety, well that's a load of hooey. I am working at a large hospital with a high risk labor and delivery department. On an average set of shifts, I may look after a 13 year old in premature labor, a drug addict who hasn't had any prenatal care, a highly educated woman with a pre-existing spinal cord injury and a woman giving birth to triplets! Med-surg instructors tend to forget that sick people still have babies, so you will care for a variety of patients with chronic illnesses like lupus, chron's, diabetes, etc. Even "normal" birth units have a lot of variety because low risk becomes high risk very fast, so you'll see vaginal deliveries, forceps, c-sections, hemorrhages, diabetics, PIH, etc.

    I hope you have an excellent experience if you do take the job. I would definitely do it if I were you. Even if it turns out you hate the area, then at least you'll know what you don't want to do after grad
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    yes, i agree no one should have to do time on med-surg or elsewhere to go to OB, HOWEVER while waiting, if you must wait, WHY NOT GET SOME SORT OF WORK EXPERIENCE and A REPUTATION TO BUILD ON???? I still say it won't hurt! When you are an RN, you can then decide what to do.
  7. by   diane1289
    thank you all so much for your input. As a future nurse I really appreciate your advice
  8. by   Hardknox
    Many of the OB techs on our unit are SN's. Most go on to another specialty. You will learn things like planning your time, seeing what goes on in L and D and learning many basic skills. I say go for it. Make one of the friendlier nurses your mentor and you will learn a lot!
  9. by   bzaslow
    I had to smile at the comment about clinical skills going unused. My daughter is an L&D nurse and I am amazed at how little I know about what she does (and I am an RN too!) She has skills and knowledge that are totally foreign to me and endlessly fascinating. To be fair, I have skills that she doesn't and that's really the point. Each nursing speciality has it's own specific skill set and while there are some common elements to all, the variety and possibilities in nursing are wonderful. No matter what area you choose, you won't use all possible clinical skills but you will grow proficient and use the ones required for your area of choice.
  10. by   OB/GYN NP
    I second the notion that the skills can be different in L&D, and can be the same, and more, as what you'd get on a med-surg floor, depending on the type of hospital, and the level of patients they will accept in their L&D unit. For example, some high risk L&D units have patients on ventilators, cardiac monitors, etc., plus there's also the matter of the baby! But here's another thing to consider...many L&D units will use their techs in their OR after they've been properly trained. Not all L&D units do C/S's and such on the unit, but if they do, this would offer you another skill set, and an opportunity to see if you like the surgical setting! I'ts all good when you're a student. Get your hands in EVERYTHING (but wear your gloves :chuckle ), so you know what you like! Good luck in whatever you choose!
  11. by   mother/babyRN
    It always amazes me when I hear you don't see much variety or use as many skills in delivery, nursery or PP as you would elsewhere. I have been elsewhere and everything I ever learned in telemetry, icu, pediatrics and med surg has been used to the max during my time in OB. People still have social and psychosocial issues. People continue to go into heart failure, seize, withdraw, do drugs, go into cardiac and respiratory arrest and frankly, die. Dic happens. Toxemia happens. Hemorrhage with resultant clinical symptomlogy happens. The OR happens...Bad babies and dead babies happen. Usually this all transpires in a short window of time....Any clinical skills I have ever learned have been put to the test numerous times in OB....But, the only way you will ever learn that is when it happens to you......