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I'm a psych nurse, so not up on the baby stuff. However, a few months ago I lost a bunch of weight and found that it hurt to sit down, like my coccyx was jutting out (bear with me---i'm getting... Read More

  1. by   mandana
    Quote from ktwlpn
    in some countries you'd be killed for being evil -or possibly revered for being holy-you just never know.....
    Hilarious. Exactly my kind of humor.

    My SIL and I both have problems with our tailbones and we're both thin and always have been. Her MD said that she likely fractured it at some point in her life without remembering the incident. An RN told me once that women tend to accummulate progesterone in that location, and it can cause tenderness. Sounds a little goofy to me, but it didn't require any follow up care, so I ran with it!

  2. by   Meerkat
    You baby nurses ROCK...thanks for the info. Those were some amazing photos. This first little guy has kind of a cute tail. He looks like he is ready to wag it.
    Thanks again!
  3. by   Spidey's mom

    Seriously, I'm gonna have to ask them now. I always thought it was a silly story that they found me under a rock and cut off my tail so they could keep me. Maybe I'll go see if I can find a scar . ...:chuckle

  4. by   anichols
    "tails" aren't always husband and i have a friend in his thirties who has a tail approximately the size and shape of a goat's tail. he can even wag it the tiniest bit. (don't ask how we know, it was a fun party though!) interestingly enough, this guy has never lacked for female companions and says he does warn prospective bedfellows about it beforehand but it seems to not have bothered any of them. he also reports that it does not get in the way of defecating and he can wipe "just fine", although he does sit in a more curved/slouched position on hard surfaces to prevent problems or pain to the area.
  5. by   exnavygirl-RN
    My husband has a protruding coccyx. He calls it his tail. It is not very prominant but it's there. Can't wiggle it or anything....LOL I don't think I could handle that. LOL

  6. by   Kyli
    My Mum has an extra bone in her coccyx - shown by x-ray. You can't tell just by looking at her ie:she doesn't have a tail!!
  7. by   cathyish
    Quote from meerkat
    i'm a psych nurse, so not up on the baby stuff. however, a few months ago i lost a bunch of weight and found that it hurt to sit down, like my coccyx was jutting out (bear with me---i'm getting somewhere with this)...
    went to the doc, who told me that i perhaps have extra coccyx bones and that..(here's the good part)...some babies are born with a tiny tail like appendage because of such extra coccygeal bones.
    was he pulling my leg??? was i born with a tail????

    it's really true - my hubby had a small one removed as an infant. the only problem he has ever had was that in his 30s a cyst develoved in the location and he had to have it drained.