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I hear many of you talking about RT/doctors etc... required to be at your deliveries for infant intubation/cord viewing purposes. This is a nursing job at our facility. Many of our nurses are... Read More

  1. by   nurturing_angel
    I remember learning about intubation and practicing on dolls during my last NRP classes but we were never expected to actually do it. We always had anesthesia or a doc do it. I agree with SmilingBluEyes.....I won't do much risk for me. Not in my scope of practice. I do remember a C-Section once where if I had not have a CRNA present in the room I would have lost a baby because the attending peds doctor was just standing there looking at me struggling to make this baby breath. The CRNA left her position with the mother long enough to help me intubate and resuscitate this baby.....even the OB doing the surgery was upset with this peds. Thank God nothing happened to either mom or baby. Both turned out great.