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I know this was discussed a while back. but i wanted to add this. There was a woman on the Today show talking about her story of losing three babies and having a L&D nurse become a surrogate for... Read More

  1. by   missingandie
    I have another great link for all of you. If has not been called and the pictures are not in good shape due to discoloration of the face, cranial sinking, these people will do two touch up pictures for free. When my granddaughter Andie Jane was born still after a cord prolapse the OR nurse took some immediate photos which turned out pretty good, but then that evening after 12 hours the first photo/growing families folks came in and did their set. You can imagine how those looked. These wonderful people did work on the two of the pictures and they are absolutely beautiful. Andie looks peacefully sleeping. I think all L&D nurses should keep these two links readily available.