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I am so so so excited I have been hired for my DREAM job, FINALLY--in labor and delivery!!!!!! After working on an awful Med/Surg/Tele unit I am finally getting to pursue my dream:yeah: Any advice to... Read More

  1. by   RNlovesherPharmD
    Thanks everyone, I'm so so SO thrilled!!!!

    Quote from Nurzelady
    Congrats! how long did u work in med surg before u got this job?
    I work Med/Surg/Tele and have been since I graduated in December. We are moving out of state so I have been applying like crazy, and luckily my ONE phone call from a private hospital happened to be from labor and delivery (I assume because I did my capstone there). Otherwise, I'd have had to transfer with the VA--while I like it, it's just not what I plan on doing in the long run.(I eventually would like to be a nurse midwife, or stay in L and D but also do lactation consulting etc)
  2. by   nitenurse1
    Congratulations on your new position! I have also recently transfered to L&D from MS. I'm almost finished orientation. It is my dream position too. My advise to you is take an advanced fetal monitoring course. PM me if you need suggestions. I took a 2 day course last week and the information is invaluable. The experience you received on MS will go a long way. Enjoy!
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