I don't think I like what is going down (long)

  1. Please bear with me and any input is appreciated.

    I work in a 16 bed high risk unit that did 3300 deliveries last fiscal year.

    Our NM stepped down 5 months ago into a "helping hands" position and is now working about 4 hours/day (when she comes in) an this just rankle with most of our RN's, but we can't do anything about it.

    One of our ANM's stepped into the NM spot as an interim and she has also applied for the job permanently but does not have the required education.

    We have interviewed 3 other candidates and only one has the appropriate degree and experience but it is widely believed she will not get it because she works in another department at this time (quality).

    We are expecting a decision on this position any minute.

    In the meantime, our hospital recently stopped paying double time for anything over 40 hours/week, and dropped us to 1.5 time for the hours after 40. I know we have been spoiled by the double time pay but it was really working to get us closer to par staffing. Now that only 1.5 time is offered, we work short almost every day.

    On the other hand, the hospital has opened some "specialty" positions for RN's who are willing to work full time with benefits and be willing to float anywhere in the division (ante and post partum, mother/baby, L&D and nursery). These openings were designed to pull nurses with experience in from the community. Multiple experienced nurses from within our division applied for positions and of the 4 slots they filled 3 are relatively new to us (less than 3 years) and only 1 is a new hire.

    So our dedicated staff is getting the shaft while newcomers are getting paid double and dedicated staff does not have the same opportunity to earn anymore.

    In another situation we have 3 RN's who are dedicated to coming in M-F days to take care of scheduled sections. This is a huge patient, MD, and anesthesia satisfier because now our sections go on time. Increased patient satisfaction = shorter stays = more profit. Well, one the RN's on this team decided she wanted off. A replacement was chosen and given the position - noone else wanted it. Then the original RN decided she wanted the position back and the replacement was told "so sorry, you can't have it after all, maybe when the team expands we can get you in"

    I have seen several of my friends done wrong through these situations and don't see anything changing for the better if our INM becomes our ANM.

    I moved here to work at this hospital, and have seen many friends leave in the last 6 months due to these and other smaller issues.

    I would like to eventually get into a management position but don't think the politics here would permit it.

    Any thoughts?
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  3. by   steelcityrn
    It sounds like the same story you hear everywhere today. Hospitals are in transition. Got to take the good with the bad. Don't be discouraged about the people who left, once the dust all settles, it may be a better place to work at.
  4. by   SummerGarden
    I agree with the above poster that it will be a better place to work after the "dust settles" but I do not think you should stick around unless you know the right people and those people like you! The reason being, you can end up watching others (less qualified and/or new hires) getting the promotions/positions you want. As odd as it sounds, dedication/commitment to an organization is meaningless these days! The ONLY thing that matters is who you know. If you do not know the right people, then leaving and possibly returning at a later date may assist you with moving up in the organization. Staying where you are just helps the bottom-line! You are just another number on the payroll if you do not know the right people.

    BTW, I have taken my own advice some years back. When I returned to my former employers, I returned knowing the CEO and found myself in positions I wanted (and literally begged for) but was denied when I was previously employed at the same company. GL. :spin: