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She was 6cm, it will probably be a while.....this was day shifts reports, little did I know, la dee da here i come in the room and we all know that infamous grunting sound, yup you guessed it,... Read More

  1. by   at your cervix
    We have 2 nurses that do this all of the time!!! I hate to follow them, if they say that the pt is anything past 4 cm, you can count on her being complete!!! I also find that even though at report they say "she was 7 last time I checked her" That could have easily been 3 hours ago!!!!
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    that sounds like a purposeful trend, that should be documented and maybe have something done about. i hate nurses like that, dont' you?
  3. by   at your cervix
    We have documented and complained over and over and over again. Everytime I complain, they just make me feel like a whiner and nothing gets done about it. The problem is that these nurses have been nurses in this hospital forever and feel like they can get away with anything...which they can. It is very frustrating!!!!! We have tried talking to the nurses about it but they have a you-can't-do-anything-about-it attitude. One of the nurses only does the very bare minimum. We talked to her once because she refused to label monitor strips with the pt's name and then she would leave them lying around and no one knew who they belonged to. We we asked her to label the strips she just said basically that she had been a nurse for longer than me and that I had no business telling her what to do and that if she didn't feel like labeling her strips she wouldn't. I hate it!!!!!! (hense the reason that I accepted a job at a different hospital just last week. I can't wait until I am out of here!!!!!)