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The hospital that I am employed at has promoted their unit as Family Centered. This seems great for advertising purposes, but they have never followed up on guidelines for the public. Consequently,... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I don't agree about the "conception" part; esp since so many of our patient's FOBs are no longer around....(sad in itself). I dont 'mind 2 or 3 there....but a roomful? Obnoxious. Customer Service takes a whole new meaning in L and D. And I HATE A Baby Story. But that is another thread.
  2. by   directcare4me
    About a year ago a good friend of mine who is a neonatologist was called to a labor room for an emergency; she was running down the hall and it was filled with people, sitting on the floor; as she was running through them someone streched out their legs and she fell, hard. Was able to go on to the delivery but was pretty sore for a few days. The visitor who accidentally tripped her was very embarrassed and contrite; but soon after that they decided at that hospital to not allow any "hanging out" in the halls. I don't know what their policy is on how many can be in the rooms. But the hallways are empty now.