How Hard Is It To Get Into Ob?

  1. I Am A Nursing Student Extremely Interested In L&d/ob Nursing, I Have Been Working In An Ob/gyn Office For The Past 6 Years As The Office Manager And I Absolutely Love It (obstetrics)....i Was Just Wondering How Long It Took You Guys To Get Into This Field Because I Heard Its Hard To Get Into.....also....for The Night Nurses...when Do U Sleep??? As Soon As U Get Home Or Do U Sleep Later In The Afternoon And Wake Up And Go To Work From There..??? Any Comments Would Be Greatly Appreciated!!!

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  3. by   kirsnikity
    Hi Jadelique, I'm graduating from nursing school next month, and I just secured a full-time nights position in a relatively busy (250+ births/month) L&D unit. I've never worked night before, but I plan on going to sleep within an hour after getting home.

    Once I was in nursing process 3, I got an extern job in an L&D unit in a small local hospital (different hospital than the one I'll work at after graduation). I think the fact that you've been working in OB for a while speaks to your interest in the field, but it definitely wouldn't hurt to look into extern possibilities while you're still in school. Good luck to you

  4. by   IslandtrainedRN
    Hey there!

    I graduated 6 months ago and I have my first labour and delivery interview TODAY! (although I don't want to get my hopes up, it's a step in the right direction).

    Where I live, you have to have 2 years of med-surg experience before you can apply for any specialty. I desperately want to be in a maternal/child area, so I've been applying outside of my own province.

    If my interview goes well today, I'll be moving 4000 miles away, but I get to work in labour and delivery at an EXCELLENT hospital.

    If you're dedicated to doing whatever it takes to get your dream job, you can definitely do it.

    Good luck!
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    It all depends on where you are. some places never hire new graduates into OB; others do. Your best bet is to look into a hospital that has available new nurse residencies in various areas like OB, ICU, ED etc. I was hired right into OB out of school, myself, so yes, it can be done!

  6. by   jadelique
    Thanks so much for all your input guys, i really appreciate it. I still have a long road ahead of me....but OB is my dream and I hope to be a L&D nurse someday.... .If all goes well, I will be graduating in 5/08....cant wait!!


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