Hip! Hip! HIPPA !

  1. Well, are you all having as much fun with the new HIPPA regs as we are???

    Ours is a 35 bed unit with a raised countertop around the nurses' station...
    where we USED to leave our charts laid out in piles and stacks! You know, Nancy Nurse had rooms 15, 16, & 17 so she declared the corner HER turff to stack her 3 charts, etc! THEN, of course, the area of the countertop next to the laser printer ALWAYS had a pile of labs and paperwork on it!

    All is cleared off! Security screens hang on our computer screen that lists the names and doctors of our patients! Big locked bins hold papers that might have patient information on them...ready for weekly shredding!

    Aren't regulations fun??? :roll

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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    They are redesigning our whole nurses' station as part ofHIPPA compliance. Yea things have changed. but I am sure once we are used to it, it will all be for the better ........it's a real pain in the meantime, I do agree.