HELP!! Recommended reading...nervous about new specialty area...

  1. I'm so happy about making the transition from telemetry to ob. I was offered and accepted a position in the women's post-partum unit. Although I'm looking forward to this change, I'm nervous becaue I feel as if though I'm starting from scratch. My cardiac assessment skills are great, but I am past "a little rusty" with my post-partum and newborn assessment. The hospital I will be working for is a very large teaching institution, and I can expect a comprehensive orient. for about 10 weeks. However, I would like to know any readings you might recommend I could read on my on. I'm looking for something that's condensed to help my brush up on those assessments I haven't encountered since nursing school. Thanks
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  3. by   shay
    I personally think a nursing student textbook on perinatal nursing would be great, as you're basically coming from a new nurse p.o.v.. I don't know of any really 'good' neonatal/pp books out there that aren't for experienced nurses in the field already, kwim?

    I would honestly suggest you simply purchase a textbook from a student bookstore. That's probably the best jumping off point right now.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    start w/ a student textbook like shay says. there are others too you can use. i like the Core Cirriculum for Inpatient Obstetric Nursing. It is an outline format that is easy to read and really discusses what you need to know to work in OB nursing in general. AWHONN puts out tons of great books on OB /maternal/newborn nursing. Check em out. Good luck.