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  1. I need some quick help here, I've never had a middle eastern pt. She is 25 weeks gestation, admitted with fetal demise. Any cultural needs you can advise me on would be appreciated. I want to give her the best care possible.
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    What is your time frame? Is your pt Muslim? Does she speak English? Email me as my sister in law is a Muslim Iraqi national and if you have specific questions
    and I'm sure I can get you the answers you need. One thing I have noticed that is very clear in the Muslim faith is that everything that happens is because of Allah's wishes and is part of the universal plan. "Insha Allah-God Willing" If there is a matriarch available, ask her as they tend to run the show at these times.
    The internet has good resources on this matter as well. One last thing, it is the holy month of Ramadan so you may want to look up some information on that.
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    Hello Moz:
    This website may be helpful to you. You can write the author with specific questions.
    Another website that is worth looking over:
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