Have a ? about b-hCG levels

  1. Just had a b-hcg level drawn. Checked the results and it says less than 2. The lab won't tell me anything they say I have to go through my doctor. So does anyone know if this is neg or what, there levels start with 5 being from 0 to 9 weeks and so on.
    The story is that last week I had a positive pregnancy test. Saturday I started spotting and cramping, went to the ER did a urine preg test about an hour after I had already peed and could only give them like 10 cc of urine which came out negative(no ultrasound or blood drawn that day) doc did some cultures said I might have an ovarian cyst gave me a shot of Rochepin, a dose of Zithromax (no script for more) and a shot of toradol (which did help the cramps). Today I saw my OB/GYN while he was making rounds on the floor and told him what was going on, he wanted me to have a Q-HCG drawn and to come in the morning to his office for an ultrasound.
    So if anyone can answer my question I would appreciate it.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I am so sorry Penny but you are going to need to wait until you see the MD. We can't provide medical information at All Nurses. GOod luck.