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I recently went through a very traumatic miscarriage. Any miscarriage is traumatic, but I ended up with a hemorrhage and a D&C under general anesthetic. Because of the anesthesia and the late hour,... Read More

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    Originally posted by Debyanelsworth
    I am so sorry for your loss. I had 2 miscarriages 27 years ago and they did the same thing back then. I still think about them sometimes wondering if they would look like my other children and tear all up, such a sentimental fool. deb
    Great big hugs Deb-(((((((((HUGS))))))))))


    I am truly sorry for your loss. At my hospital, our patients that have lost their babies stay in Special Care, which is our high risk OB unit. If that is full or they really need the bed, the patient will go to our gyn unit, which is a seperate unit, but on the same floor as all other women's services. Our gyn nurses are wonderful, we're all OB nurses on my floor, cross trained to each other.

    Unfortunately, in a smaller hospital or a hospital without such specialized, individual units, the maternity floor is where you may end up. Although I disagree with that COMPLETELY, I do believe it is where you fill find the nurses best suited to help you emotionally.

    Take care keeper, you'll be in my thoughts. And thank you for sharing this story with us.

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    I am a nurse on an ortho ward but we get a bit of everything when short of beds. I had a 23 yr old who had just been told she had lost her baby at 16 weeks and would need to have a d&c. I spent lots of time with her and she was starting to open up to me when I get a call that we had a major ortho trauma coming in and needed her bed. She was to be transferred to the maternity ward. I rang the nurse manager and voiced my concern that this was a totally inappropriate placement. I was told not to question my elders. I then rang maternity who told me she would be in a 4 bed bay with three newborns rooming in. I rang the doctors and explained what was happening....he was horrified! He arranged to have the patient transferred to the ICU for the night and they brought her op forward so that she would be post op there. Patient and family recovered well and now have a beautiful baby girl. Nurse Manager was not impressed at filling an ICU bed with a minor op, but I believe the Doc gave her what for!!
    This doc is now my obstetrician! YAY!!
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    I have worked in several different hospitals, but always on the OB unit. Every hospital I have worked at has given the patient the choice of where she would like to go and the excellent bereavement services went to the patient. My sympathy for your loss...I have lost 4 myself, 2 miscarriages and 2 ectopic. My prayers are with you.
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    We also give the patient a choice and send the nurses to whereever she is.