give up or keep looking?

  1. So I am posting this both here and on the student nursing to hopefully get some help. Co-workers and doctors I work with are unable to help either, so I am calling out for some major help!!

    So I have posted recently about needing to find an online Pharmacology course to help with getting accepted into Georgetown University's Nurse Midwifery program but I have been looking for 2 weeks and I haven't had any success. I am at the point of giving up my dream. I cannot quit my job to go to school right now, just bought a house and at the point I can't afford it. I love my job too much anyway-working at an OB/GYN office. I want to be a Nurse Midwife so bad but it seems like the odds are against me. I have only found 4 online programs; Georgetown University, Frontier Nursing University, Philadelphia University, and University of Cincinatti, all of which have some reason why they don't suit. Georgetown is the most within my reach distance wise which makes it so much more convient but of course I was not accepted because my science GPA was a bit lower than they like. So, any advise anyone could give? I need a 300 level online pharmacology course or any input on any of the online Midwifery Nursing programs. I am getting a little depressed...
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  3. by   IrishIzCPNP
    My mom is a Phila U graduate. She was VERY happy with her education. She's been a CNM for years now.

    I was going to go to PU but changed my mind at the last minute. I'm going the Pediatric NP route instead.

    PU is a great school.
  4. by   kgowiern
    How long ago did she graduate? Do you know how many times she actually had to go to campus? I was looking at Frontier Nursing University but bc of having to go to campus for several days in a row and with my job I cannot do that at this time.
  5. by   dariah
    Is traveling not an option at all? My school in Minnesota is mostly online but I have to go to campus 3 times per semester.
  6. by   kgowiern
    Traveling is an option but I can't take off a lot of time from work at this point knowing when I get into a midwifery program that I'm going to have to take time off for clinicals
  7. by   IrishIzCPNP
    I have a nice reply to you on my computer but I can't get it to post. I'll probably just retype it on my iPad tonight or tomorrow. I do have answers for your question.
  8. by   dariah
    Most schools I think now are requiring students to find their own clinical sites now. Maybe you'd be able to work with a local midwife.
  9. by   kgowiern
    I have a clinical site, I have a midwife to work with. I am having problems finding an online pharmacology course to increase my GPA to get accepted into Georgetown University's Nurse Midwifery program.
  10. by   simmaplease
    Try contacting someone at Frontier Nursing University and ask if they know of any online classes that will fulfill that requirement. They are an online/distance learning school and might be familiar with schools that offer prerequisites. Even if that school isn't your first choice, they might be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck and don't give up
  11. by   fromtheseaRN
    Grand Canyon University has a 300 level pharm course that's all online (
    BIO-316V Pharmacology for Health Care).
  12. by   2togo4rn
    Frontier is the place for you! I have a coworker that just finished up with them. She had to go up there twice. Once when she started and once when she finished. Everything is online, work at your pace. She worked ft nights on the floor and had plenty of studying time. She loved it and swears by it. Don't give up on your dream but consider redirecting yourself to a program that's more "do-able" and wont require the pharmacology to increase your GPA. Just apply to Frontier and see what happens GOOD LUCK!!
  13. by   tupamoto
    Which school do you attend Dariah ? I live in Minnesota and would like to transfer my college so bad.Does your college accept transferred Nursing courses here in Minnesota or even else where if you know any.I am also looking to take Pharmacology online.Please let me know