Getting scared out of midwifery?

  1. Hello everyone!
    Okay, lately I've been reading very discouraging things about being a midwife. I've always been in love with the idea, but now I'm thinking maybe I have the wrong idea in my head of what it's like to be a midwife. I know being a midwife doesn't solely consist of attending births. I know the majority of the work is spent during check ups and other less exciting things. Im scared of getting into a career that I hate. The reason I'm interested in midwifery is that I'm fascinated with the whole birthing experience. It's something so incredible, and to be able to be a part of that private moment in a couple's or woman's life just makes it so much more amazing. I'd be crushed to learn that midwifery isn't for me, but Its better to figure it out sooner than later. Please could anyone tell me what it's really like to be a midwife? Thank you!
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    You're in the wrong forum. This forum is not the midwifery forum, it's the forum for OB/gyn nursing. You should be in the certified nurse-midwifery forum, which is under the APN (advanced practice nursing) heading.
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    Whoops! Thanks!
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    Wrong forum or not, I found your post and am happy to give my 2 cents!

    I was an OB nurse for 11 years before going back to school for my MSN and CNM. I worked full-scope midwifery for a bit under a year before it was clear to me that living the life of a 24/7 midwife is not for me. I'm not sorry I did it and there are parts of it I loved, but I need a clear definition in my life of work and home life. The practice I was in left the two aspects very blurred. I know most practices are not that way, though. You can be a CNM and work 2 or 3 twelve hr shifts per week in an OB unit. Or be on call a few days per month, do the office a couple days per week, and be off the rest of the time. I think the type of practice I was in, just didn't fit me personally. And since I'm not interested in moving at this time, I am instead utilizing my MSN to be Director of Women's Services in a nearby hospital. I'm happy with that for now.
    Someday I may practice as a midwife again in a different setting... There are many different practice types. Just be aware of the type of practice you think you'd like to be in, and make sure there are opportunities for you in your area, or that you are willing to move in order to find a position.
    Good Luck to you!

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