Future OB nurse?

  1. I am a Senior I nursing student in a BSN program who will graduate in December, 2005. When I started the nursing program, I (of course) wanted nothing to do with L&D...thought the idea of birthing a child was beautiful but the actual process was gross (i.e. dilation, etc.). Well, as life would have it, I did my OB clinical and loved it. Since graduation is right around the corner, I'm thinking about potential career paths I would be interested in taking. I'm currently working in a dialysis unit and (no offense to renal nurses!) I hate it! I have already contacted the Director of Maternal Child at the hospital I work at about transferring, but I have yet to hear anything back. My question is if anyone has any thoughts, suggesstions, ideas, etc. that would be helpful for me. I wish I had more specific questions, but I don't work there (yet) and can't think of anything. Any thoughts???
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Follow-up. (with a call or visit)..... This is my best advice when anyone is seeking any sort of employment. Put in your application/resume and then follow up!!! Good luck; don't give up. Many of us started out in OB right out of nursing school.