footprinting newborns

  1. Is everyone out there still footprinting newborns in the DR/Birthing Room? If not, what ID procedures are being used (bands, blood samples etc.)? Thanks.
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  3. by   nsgsup
    Hi Raizie! At our hospital, newborns are footprinted and 2 ID bands are applied in the DR/BR.
  4. by   Robin MC
    Hi! In the two Seattle area hospitals in which I have recently worked, footprints are taken as part of the admission procedure for the infant. These are given to the parents as keepsakes. The infants are double banded for ID purposes after delivery.
  5. by   TeresaRNC
    Hi! We footprint all babies as well as the mothers fingerprint on the ID record. Then we use a 4 band & cord clamp system. 2 bands on the newborn with the cord clamp that has the correlating number, 1 band on mom, and 1 on the significant other. All this is done in the delivery area.
    The cord clamp is not removed until discharge, or sooner if the umbilical line is needed.
  6. by   korte
    Small hospital in Dubuque Ia. We double band the baby, single band the mom and dad.
    We also collect footprints for the chart on a sheet along with the mom's fingerprint.
    We also keep 5cc cord blood in a purple top tube for one month. Oh, and we take a naked security picture within the first 12 hours after birth.
  7. by   Connie P
    We footprint all newborns on a certificate for the mother. We place one footprint on the L&D Summary form in case there is an abduction. We place one ID band on the baby's arm and one on the opposite leg. We place the other band on the mother. The bands are placed on the individuals before the infant is taken to the nursery. We keep cord blood on all infants for one month. We take a diapered picture immediately after the admission bath with a polaroid camera. This way we have an available photo if the infant is abducted. The photo is then given to the parents at dismissal.
  8. by   mother/babyRN
    We no longer footprint at all. We merely band...I will footprint for patient scrap books, but none officially...
  9. by   Mimi2RN
    We footprint the babies and have mom's fingerprint on the same ID sheet. Babies also get two bands and mom is given one. I think giving dad one is a good idea.......who gets it if dad isn't around? (Out of town, in jail, not involved, the husband is not the father) I don't know how we keep up with all the possibilities.
  10. by   mother/babyRN
    In the first facility I work at, we also do the banding, footprinting ( both complimentary and official) and fingerprint of mom...It took me a long while to get accustomed to NOT doing that in my current facility, but, as it was always MY custom to footprint the daddy ( or significant other/friend) hand, along with the documents, I still bring the inkpad with me and do that...They just love it....Footprinting the back of the hand of the significant other (s) and the patient, if she desires it....
  11. by   babynurse32
    At my hospital, we put two bands on the baby and one on mom, all have matching four diget number s that are read each time the baby is taken out to mom. We also foot print the baby and moms index finger.
  12. by   elleRN
    baby gets footprinted and we hand decorate it and give to the parents. we don't keep footprints. baby gets two ID bands and a cord clamp, the clamp also has an alarm box attached to it. mom and dad each get a band as well. all bands and clamp have the same numbers. cord blood goes to the bank for typing but I'm not sure if it is saved, I doubt it.
  13. by   fourbirds4me
    We footprint baby in the delivery room. There is an official copy that stays with the babies chart (we also do a hospital certificate and several keepsake cards for the family). The baby is banded X2-- Both mom and dad are given bands with matching identification numbers. Our nursery and stairwells are locked by keypad. We have security camera's at all exits. We wear hospital provided scrubs (althought the color is identical to surgery and radiology) And employee's authorized to handle infants have special name tags. We also do a close-up photo of baby and ID band #'s
  14. by   SmilingBluEyes
    WE footprint still.

    as a courtesy only.

    not as a form of security.

    it's a keepsake thing.