first time to gyn

  1. when should someone first go to the gyn? I am 19.
    a little scared of going...haven't talked with my mom about...she hasn't brought it up. one of my friends has gone.
    what should i do...
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  3. by   semstr
    Well, dear, I think it's about time now.
    Take a friend when you want to, ask your friends where they went and whether the gyn is ok.
    Don't be afraid, a good gyn will certainly not hurt you!
    But maybe you can talk to your mum too, you know, sometimes moms don't seem to realize how old and grown-up their daughters are. Or maybe she's pretty shy and has difficulties to talk about "female" stuff?
    Whatever, at 19 it is time for the first time! (I mean going to a gyn of course, LOL)
    Take care, Renee
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    First of all, relax. Make it clear to the Gyn that this is your first visit and you are nervous. Tell him/her you would appreciate that the speculum be warmed and they go in slowly, explaining each step. A GOOD Gyn will do all this anyhow, but at least in so requesting, you are taking some power for yourself.

    She/He will first ask questions about your health history and sexuality. It is critical you be truthful so they have all the facts to go on. Don't be embarassed; it is their work and they work FOR YOU! Then, you will be asked to lie down and put your feet in "stirrups".....this feels like a very vulnerable position and it is. Try deep-breathing and imagery (think of things that relax you) and just let your bottom half go limp. The dr will tell you when the speculum is going in, then will take some cotton swabs and gently remove cell samples from your cervix. This is not a painful procedure, just feels ODD! The more you relax, the easier it is. It takes only a minute or two. Then the doctor will likely do a digital rectal exam. THIS IS CRITICAL for them to assess the posterior of your uterus and vagina for masses and lumps. Again, relax as much as possible, this takes only seconds.

    Then, after that, he/she will examine your breasts for lumps, and palpate your lymph nodes under your arms; the way you should be doing each month. He/She will palpate your abdomen/pelvic region for masses/lumps. All told, the physical exam takes only minutes but can save your life. (trust me).

    I was 19 the first time I went, too. I was frightened and embarassed. It was in the military and quite a shock. But I am glad I started going. Being in my late 30, I have had countless exams now and am a "pro" at it. Do not let embarassment or fear EVER stop you from getting this most critical health assessment; it has saved lives, including my own (I had severe cervical dysplasia at 22 which was treated and cured).

    I wish you well. I hope you are given a clean bill of heath and come out realizing it was NOT bad at all!
    Hi nolenurse! Welcome to our home away from home!

    It is time you have an initial exam with a pap smear. It is very important to establish a baseline. Usually a good rule of thumb is when you turn 18, or become sexually active, whichever comes first.

    Do you have a family doctor? My first pap was with my family doctor, a wonderful woman that walked me through it and was very slow and patient. It wasn't until I got pregnant that I was referred to an ob/gyn, who I still see now.

    Finding the right ob/gyn doc is a very personal thing. If you have a family doc and you like them, you may want to start there. Otherwise, I would start asking female friends and family members who they see, find out a little bit about the docs in your area. It has been my own experience that female docs are a little more gentle than male docs, but I won't say that it's the norm, everyone has their own opinion.

    Whatever you decide, make sure you're up front with them about it being your first exam, that you're nervous, and that you'd appreciate full explanations of all procedures. A good doc will be understanding and accomodating.

    God luck! Feel free to PM me if you have more personal questions!

    :chuckle Just found it cute that the OB nurses had the longest responses! Champions for women's health, we are.....

  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Rofl Heather, as usual, an astute observation. You really are on the ball!
  8. by   anitame
    I agree that you definitely should go get an exam including a pap. If you're comfortable with your family nurse practitioner or family doctor, that would be a good person to see. You might also see a certified nurse midwife. I get my annual care from one (who did my deliveries too). They, as a general rule, do much more teaching than MDs and are very gentle too. If you don't have insurance you could check with your local health department. They usually have NP/CNM's who provide gyn care on a sliding scale fee basis. Very inexpensive. I did this until I had insurance. It wasn't quite as personal as a private practice but definitely affordable.
  9. by   at your cervix
    I agree with everyone's comments. I do think that you should bring it up to your mom. Maybe you could start by asking her when she first went for a gyn exam. She can probably even recommend a good doctor, nurse practitioner, or nurse midwife for you. I know I always felt a little "funny" talking to my mom about things of this nature when I was your age, but it seemed like when I would just bring it up it actually wasn't all that uncomfortable. It was just "girl talk" with my mom.