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  1. Hello, I'm 19 several of my friends have recently been to the gyno. I know I need to go but keep putting it off. One of my friends that went said the dr asked about a rectal exam and she refussed. Is this something I need to have done? If so how in depth procedure is this? Thanks!
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  3. by   SFCardiacRN
    One finger length
  4. by   Soon-to-be-NurseJess
    I'm not making fun...but this reminds me of a situation I had at clinicals one time. My patient needed a suppository, so of course my clinical instructor wanted me to give it. I'd never given one before, so I wasn't sure how far in I had to put it. I looked at my instructor and held up my index finger and before I could ask anything she said "Yes...your whole finger!"
  5. by   Erica058
    so would you reccomend having it done? so is it something you would have to be cleaned out for?
  6. by   mhull
    This website below does a great job at explaining it. Make sure you read all the pages, it will tell you everything to expect.

    The rectal exam, I don't think hurts, it is uncomfortable though. The provider is checking for unusual masses and blood in your stool.

    I hope this helps.