First new year's baby promos?

  1. I always see this in the local paper. What do your facilities or local business provide, if anything, to the family that births the first baby of the new year?
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    We have a beautiful baby basket assembled w/donations from various businesses. It contains the usual baby supplies/items and some very handsome gift cert's from various local businesses. It's not HUGE or outrageous as some may be, but VERY tasteful and nice. Oh and the new family gets their pic in the paper. Tonight I am on; it will be a race to see who gets to have the first baby in our always, rofl. Since we are a smaller hospital, we usually lose.
  4. by   flashpoint
    We don't do anything anymore. We had several years in a row where the New Year's babies were delivered to single moms and a lot of the businesses who donated, citizens, and the editor of the local newspaper complained. Some of the businesses decided that they wanted their gifts to go to the first MARRIED couple who delivered a baby. They also had some citizens complain that the gifts should not go to a baby delivered by C-section because it gave an unfair advantage...they argued that a C-section could be planned and the timing could be manipulated and a vaginal deleivery could not! The editor of the newspaper simply decided not to help sponsor the program rather than risk losing advertisers and subscribers...he also personally felt that the gifts should only go to a married couple.

    Way back when we used to honor the New Year's Baby, we went all out...they got a a year's supply of diapers, portraits every three months, clothes, dinner and movie gift certificates, savings bonds, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, free birthday parties, I can't remember what's been so long since they have done it...
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I find that very sad, cotjockey, since "unmarried" moms may be the most in need. why discriminate? Shame really.