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Hello all, I work in a Level One Birth Center. We are currently looking to get centralized monitoring. Can anyone recommend any programs, equipment, etc. Thanks, Melissa, RN OB Ohio... Read More

  1. by   RNBelle
    We have QS. Using it at the place where I work now and at my previous job. Love it. But we are still stuck 10yrs behind and do ALL or our labor progress and delivery charting on PAPER!!!! I definitely spend more time charting than anything else. On busy nights I go home hours late because I have to transcribe everything from the strip to my chart. Hopefully we will get QS computers in all our rooms one day. Right now QS is only used so I can watch my strip at the nurses station.
  2. by   tntrn
    I love that the strips of all the rooms is the screen saver on all the computers, in the break room, huge in the nurses station.QUOTE]

    We had a monitor in our Break Room too, for a short time. Thankfully, the Union got it out of there. If you're watching the monitors during a break, you're working, not getting a break! And of course, ADMIN didn't want to pay the OT for working on a meal break, so they're not there anymore.
  3. by   ldcmw1
    I've worked with OBIX, and QS. The one thing I find frustrating with both of them is that not everything interfaces. I think when you rupture membranes and chart it that it should also show up on the delivery record. Trace-vue sounds interesting.
  4. by   OBRN1994
    I have worked with QS, BirthNet, and OB TraceVu........TraceVu outshines the other two. I believe Birthnet may have gone out of business....no interfacing at all, and you needed to document the same information in about 3 or 4 places!!!! UUUGGGHHH and more than half the time the system would go down...mostly when your patient was getting an epidural or delivering! The QS system I worked with was at a small HCA hospital and we still had to paper chart our labor on a flow sheet, even though the computer had the capability of doing it all....why you ask? Because they only had 2 computers at the desk and used it for central monitoring and storing FHT tracings.
    OB TraceVu is very user friendly, does auto charting (that you must verify), and has everything organized in a fashion that flows well. We have a dedicated "ward board", so you can look at a glance and know what's happening on the floor. I was one of 4 people to test out systems when we decided to get rid of BirthNet. Of the 3 systems we looked at, OB TraceVu was by far the best system of the 3.
    I am currently on a travel assignment and the hospital that I'm working at has made a labor triage, labor progress, and postpartum flowsheet from CPSI. Their admission forms in the computer are a nightmare. No flow to them and are redundant. It has to be absolutely the WORST system for OB, as it was clearly not designed for it. The MIS manager used to be the OB manager, so she built these forms....but you cannot scroll through the flow sheet to obtain information as the "boxes" only hold one character, so you have to open each box to be able to read it. I have to keep a cheat sheet (with time of rupture, dilatation, etc.) to be able to give the doc the times they want.
    OB TraceVu technicians can "build" your printable forms ie: delivery summary, admission sheets to your liking. This made it simple when we converted.
    Good luck.....a great charting system will make it so much easier for you!
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  5. by   kelli1975
    What does your legal department and clinical documentation people think about the double charting (some in one system- some in another system) with it- is it compatible with Meditech at all- how would that effect the Electronic Medical Record as far as you know for compliance by 012?
  6. by   kelli1975
    OBIX vs Tracevue- compatability with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and if any of you are using one of these monitoring systems.......................how are each of you able to deal with the ability or inability to interface with EMR. We are one of 2 hospitals in a network who deliver babies- the "mother ship" and larger hospital has been using Tracevue and we are using OBIX as of 2 years ago. All of our facilities use Meditech. We chart in OBIX and use the interface with Meditech only for pt registration (not charting). The other facility uses tracevue, paper and meditech for each patient. Any thoughts on this or advice for which is best when used with Meditech? Have any of you switched to one or the other and why did you decide to do so?
  7. by   klone
    We use TraceVue. I don't have anything to compare it to, but I like it just fine.
  8. by   mmv6
    We have Epic and OB Tracevue. Tracevue does not integrate with Epic at all. When we went live with Epic a year ago we stopped charting in OB Tracevue all together. The two systems are timed to the second- so what ever you document in Epic correlates to the strip. We would love a program that integrated both together!