feeling overwhelmed: Cardiac RN to now Postpartum - page 2

I'm beginning to feel somewhat overwhemed with my new position in PP. I feel so "awkward and unfamiliar" with everything. I've been in tele. for the last year and still work as a tele RN per diem. ... Read More

  1. by   imenid37
    I was you back in 1990. I didn't feel too bad about postpartum, but I did mother-baby and the nursery freaked me out. This is even though I had 2 kids age 2 and newborn at the time. Here I am in ob, 14 years later. I am so glad I kept at it, although I went back to tele for a little while (6 months) because of my insecurity. You can do it. It is very different and takes a while to learn. Ask your co-workers. I had a little penlight to look at bottoms (I worked nights and hated to wake up the world w/ bright lights). I felt like the biggest dummy in the world. Now I am certified in maternal-newborn, EFM, ACLS, and (Advanced Life Support for Obstetrics). I work in a small hospital where I am often in charge and we have no doc in house. I do L/D along w/ mother-baby now and have even done a few deliveries w/o doctor there. If you'd have asked me 14 years ago, I would've told you I can barely change a diaper w/o worrying that I might be making a mistake. You can do it!!!
  2. by   momtotwinglesx5
    I just wanted to thank all that have responded to this post--I just finished my 1st two (12hr) shifts of orientation for mom/baby and had come home with my head spinning! This thread has helped me relax a little and remember that even the most experienced nurses on the unit had a first day too! (I had posted several weeks ago when I first decided to apply for this prn position--coming from a background working in a Family Planning clinic as a Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner and wondering how difficult the transition to OB would be only working prn.) Anyway, I'm feeling better now--thanks!