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If a midwife and the anesthesiologist had a disagreement about how much the epidural should be reduced once the mother is ready to push, who has the final say?... Read More

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    Home births are fairly common here; we see a few that have not gone as planned come in for care. But these are generally NOT the folks who will have epidurals, anyhow. They either deliver vaginally with the help of our on-call OB, or go to section if things are really going wrong. We just had a case of undiagnosed twins (the midwife had no idea the mom was having twins) take our OB by surprise not too long ago. To say he was not happy, would be an understatement.
    Love it! We had a case of undiagnosed twins this summer, OB not CNM, whose pt. respectfully requested no ultrasounds/interventions etc. She complied with a GTT no AFP and her fundal height was within norm to not suspect anything...
    First baby is out, cute, maybe? a little smaller than the doc suspects, he reaches in for the placenta... "Ladies and gentleman, I think we have another baby here!" Parents are in shock, I help set up a second warmer, out comes baby B butt first and screaming.
    6 1/2 lb girls, primip, vtx/breech, not a lac to repair... but I bet if his midwife had the same situatin he wouldn't be happy either!