Duties of RN vs. LPN in L&D?

  1. Hello all!

    I'm curious about the duty differences between a RN and LPN in L&D. Can anyone give me their run down? I've also been noticing (on the BB) a position called OBT, can anyone enlighten me? I live in MN and wonder if this position exists here.

    Thanks a lot!!!
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  3. by   fergus51
    . We don't employ any LPNs in L&D or PP. It's an all RN staff so we do everything ourselves. I like the way the unit runs, but I have never worked with LPNs in that area, so I can't really compare the 2. We also don't use any techs at all.
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  4. by   canoehead
    LPN's here can do everything except 2nd stage and immediate post partum stabilization. They can take FHR/strip but an RN must interpret the findings. QAnd all of the above only on absolutely normal mums with an RN for backup.

    In actual practise they RARELY ever get involved with L&D except coming out for the actual delivery to be a second pair of hands. LDRP/nursery is all one unit here so they are aware of any problems and will help, but require a fair amount of direction.
  5. by   NewbornNurseRN
    It is only a RN staff in Labor and Delivery...........we have RN's and LPN's in PP and RN's and LPN's in the Nursery.
  6. by   Angel Baby
    Because labor requires assessment, reassessment, titration of IV medications, IV push medications and monitoring during procedures we utilize only RN staffing in L&D. Although many hospitals utilize LPN's in this role, almost everything done has to be validated by an RN.

    I have one LPN left who used to do L&D. She now functions as an OBT (OB Tech) scrubbing C/S's, ordering and stocking supplies, etc. She's wonderful to have around--she trains all my new grads to scrub, monitors the instruments and orders/repairs as needed. When L&D is crazy she can help obtain admission history and finish a stable recovery.

    OBT's may have different responsibilities, but I utilize them for the tasks already listed, as well as cross-training to clerical duties. That way, when they're not scrubbed in they can be supporting the unit by answering phones, order entry, making admit charts, etc.
  7. by   mother/babyRN
    Unfortunately, our powers that be have told our lpns that they aren't worth anything. This is so untrue and so hurtful..They are nurses and they count for their experience and knowledge. Unfortunately, in these times when RNs are trying to better themselves and the perception of the profession, LPNs and CNAs are getting lost or mistreated often, as back lash...Nursing can be nursing's worst enemy, and when people feel that way, that doesn't help how the LPN feels....In all areas of my own personal career, I have worked with LPNS I would trust with my life. As a newer nurse, and sometimes even now, I continue to learn and grow from their experiences......But then, I am of the era which did not encourage the great divide....
  8. by   rnoflabor2000
    The presence of LPN's in Labor and Delivery vary from state to state. Call your local hospitals to see if they use LPN's in that area. OBT in our state hooks patients onto fetal monitors and gets baseline vitals, that is given to the RN. They also greet patients and help with lab work needed. LPN's in our L&D can do recovery, the two hours after birth, and they do postpartum.