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How long do you recommend for vag deliveries and c/sections not to drive? When I started pp, someone told me 2 days for vag and 2 weeks for sections. I've been telling people that ever since, and... Read More

  1. by   KaroSnowQueen
    Back when my kids were born, 26, 25 and 23 yrs ago, vag del with 4th degree lac every time, I was told no driving for six weeks. Even then, after six weeks, driving our one car that was a stick was painful. I used it as a good excuse to lay on my behind and REST!!!! "Doctor says, no driving, stay at home and nurse baby for six weeks."
    I couldn't believe last summer when my dtr in law was out driving when the baby was a week old. Of course she had no epis, no lac either. Must be nice!!!!
  2. by   jrsmrs
    Interesting! This isn't something I'd ever heard of. When I had my last child 6 yrs ago, via c/s, they never mentioned anything about driving.
    At about 5 days pp, I drove myself to Walmart one night (no daytime rush for me, I planned on enjoying my first solo outing!) for pads. That said, I had been feeling fine since leaving hospital- no dizziness or anything at all, had been off pain meds since 1 day pp and had been taking things very easy at home. The trip out was actually nice. To be alone for a few minutes with some peace and quiet was much-needed by that point, I think
  3. by   peds4now
    I dont' know about surgical deliveries or cases where a woman might have lingering nerve damage/impairment from an epidural, but I've never been given any activity restrictions (driving, stairs, bathing) after vaginal births, except not to "work out" or "do crunches" until my postpartum checkup. Obviously you are not supposed to drive while on narcotics, but I would hope your average new mother is not discharged on narcotics. I still resist considering a c-section to be the norm.

    That said, this is really something that is down to doctors' styles, cultural norms, and patient's wishes. Therefore, I don't think it is something nurses should be writing their own discharge orders for patients. Decisions about what to tell patients definitely shouldn't be made based on respones on a message board! LOL

    P.S. I'm all for rest after childbirth. I myself have an unwritten policy of not leaving home for a week and trying to stay in my room and get waited on as much as possible! That said, I think a clear distinction should be made between cultural practices, societal norms (like resting, not going out), and doctor's/discharge orders.
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