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For moms to take babies for the night if they are tired? I just find this such a foreign concept. Our hospital has a 24 hr rooming in policy and where I work on low risk there is no nursery and even... Read More

  1. by   ElvishDNP
    I have found that if, upon admission, I explain to mom and dad that we try to keep mom/dad/baby (or whoever the family unit happens to be) together 24/7 and the advantages to that, the family is usually pretty cool with it. If no one has explained it to them and night rolls around (which is my shift), then people assume that their baby is going to the nursery for the night. Or grandma comes in and because that's the way they did it 30 years ago, asks about it or whatever. We are a high risk facility and have everyone from drug addicts to princesses and all in between, and by and large, the patients who are most satisfied with their care are the ones that keep their babies with them. There are exceptions of course, but that's the rule.

    A caveat: I do think there need to be exceptions. Example: we had a 15yo who had been sexually abused for a number of years before the abuse finally resulted in a pregnancy for her. If she's not emotionally ready to be with her baby 24/7, that needs to be understood and respected.
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    There is always room for exception. But sending babies to the nursery for all night who are breastfed, just for convenience, is simply not realistic. And sadly, we are just not staffed for this. I wish we were. I would love to see a nursery nurse who just did this, but we just dont' have the volume to allow for such a person to be staffed 24/7. The real trick comes when we have a CPS hold who has to remain in the nursery. We have to provide a nurse for that baby, even though he/she is healthy.

    Or when a sick baby is there---again must be staffed. This can be nice cause then we have a nurse in there and babies can come out with her there the whole time.

    I agree, special situations call for special consideration. No argument there. And we will do our best to make accomodations for such people.