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  1. by   nrse4evr
    Turning off the epidural around my facility is usually not done, with the exception of one physician who truns them "down" to half when the pt is 7cm and sometimes has the pt push when not fully dilated in order to bring the head down, not that he will admit that. Turning the epi down or off at 7cm regardless of parity is cruel and unusual punishment. These pts have no idea that this is going to happen and are angry at the nurse when it does. But for the most part we leave epidurals alone until delivery. According to AWWHON Rns cannot do anything to an epidural except to turn
    it off. No adjustment at all so if Dr wants an epidural decreased he has to do it himself. But there are those who do. Almost no epidural is going to take care to the pressure of the fetal headas it descends unless there is a c/s dose on board, but ther are those pts who testify that they feel nothing. Power to them.
  2. by   kirsnikity
    My epidural was awesome--as soon as I got it I felt no pain whatsoever. (Granted, I was 8cm already when I got it and was entering transition phase and still experienced contraction pain up to those 8cm). I never felt pressure either. The midwife decided to check me when they noticed baby was having early decels and it turned out I was complete at +2 station. I pushed for 40 minutes and didn't feel any of it. I am hoping and praying that with my next baby I'll be able to have a great epidural again.
  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    NO! we do not turn it off. The patients are on PCEA as well. Sometimes the epidural rate is adjusted down by the MDA if need be, but that need is very rare.