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Hi just about to start my first job in Labour and delivery in the USA, am a Midwife from the U.K. One of the first things I have noticed when shown around hospitals in the USA is that there is no... Read More

  1. by   bmcm2girls
    I asked an anesthesiologist about this the other day (granted, she is a bit of a wild card) b/c I was also curious. She says that if they do start using it, she will refuse to work in LD units. Apparently, frequent exposure to N.O. results in suppression of your immune system and various other things (I forget everything she said, it was a rather large tangent on her part, lol). She claims they have done studies and even with good ventilation and proper fitting masks, there is still a good deal of it in the air, actually not even JUST in the room it is being used, but through the entire unit. So, the risk isn't to mom or baby...who will only have a short exposure, but to the health care workers who are exposed to it daily.
  2. by   anggelRN
    I have seen this used overseas. I thought it was a great option for women and was surprised they did not have in in the US. Although I have heard of some places in California that use it. I suppose if I were an anesthesiologist I would want this to be readily available as well.

    As far as the safety of healthcare providers, this website gave good information
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